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eight in race for worst-packaging title

by:Top-In     2020-08-05
Loose vegetables are packed on a meat plate and wrapped in plastic, a modern \"convenience\" with thousands of tons of garbage dumped into Auckland landfill every year.
This trend seen in many supermarkets has been highlighted along with the other seven finalists of the worst packaging in the New Zealand Annual Unpackit awards.
\"The difference between the two avocados is --
Don\'t put them in a meat bag.
\"You don\'t have to open them when you get home,\" said Gina demurst, a member of the Wanaka scrap recycling group and award organizer.
\"There is no reason at all for convenience in this example.
But some supermarkets are doing a lot of things at the moment. People hate it.
\"The newly opened New World Metro, located on Queen Street in central Auckland, yesterday offered loose and pre-built
Packed at the same price per kilogram.
On the same glittering aisle, there are $2 of fruit and other produce on the polystyrene tray
All fixed with plastic wrap.
\"People have had enough of plastic wrap,\" MS demurst said . \".
Unpackit solicits nominations to the public, this insistence
Packing vegetables is recommended again and again.
Other examples of poor packaging include multiple packages that tend to cause environmental problems
The shape and magic-made cup of bread from the sixtt.
Astrtt puts 12 plastic-packed flavored biscuits into a larger plastic bag, and this arrangement is described as making extra waste and garbage.
At the same time, magical noodles are placed in non
Recyclable polystyrene cup with non-top
Recyclable foil cover, mounted in non-
Recyclable plastic film.
According to the local government, roadside recycling cannot take away polystyrene that will clog, stop and damage the recycling equipment.
\"By putting polystyrene into your recycling, you may pollute the recycling materials of a whole truck, which means it cannot be recycled,\" the old Oakland city website said . \".
Melissa Holder, food executive manager, said the company\'s supermarket
Including the new world-
Waste reduction is a priority.
\"Many New Zealand consumers are following global trends to buy more sustainable products, including preferences for products with the least packaging,\" said Hodd MS . \".
\"Food has identified the need to provide a greener choice for our customers, which is why we are currently looking for the best way to bring better packaging options to our stores. \" Pre-
Packed vegetable trays allow customers to see the final cost of the item, unlike each
Kg Cost of loose products.
For fresh meat, food safety is a key factor in packaging selection.
Vettt also expressed its commitment to reduce packaging and waste.
Recently, its box was replaced with 95 recycled cardboard, and the cookie tray was replaced with recyclable plastic.
\"As one of the largest food companies in the Asia-Pacific region, anot takes its commitment to the environment very seriously,\" a spokesman said . \".
More Shapes
Packaging meets the growing demand for singlesserve, on-the-
Go treats, she said, aims to \"minimize cookie breakage\" and \"make sure the seal is complete \".
In addition to the worst packaging, Unpackit has also nominated the best example of this year led by a packable coffee bag --
Made by a New Zealand company, it is said to be a worldfirst.
Caffe Prima puts freshly baked coffee beans in a specially ventilated bag.
Coffee beans produce up to five days of carbon dioxide after baking, and the trick is to create a compostable alternative --way valves.
Organizers of the award said the packages received the most nominations this year.
Apple\'s iPhone 4 has also been nominated for its \"tiny\" packaging.
Most of the eco-friendly packaging has a \"unique look,\" MS demurst said\"
Apple broke the mold with its designer box without wasting the parts.
\"It\'s a bit surprising to see such a well-packaged mainstream product,\" she said . \".
Winners of the Unpackit packaging awards will be selected by public vote.
Voting will begin on Monday and continue until June 1.
* Vote at unpackit. org. New Zealand until June 1
Best package * PotatoPak * Naked Food Movers * Apple iPhone 4-
The awards agency praised the phone\'s packaging as \"extremely simple \"--
It is only suitable for mobile phones and components.
During the period from 2007 to 2010, the packaging was continuously improved, a decrease of 42.
It is almost completely recyclable now.
* Chux biodegradable super wipes * IdealCup * Caffe Prima-
The New Zealand company has claimed to be the first fresh and packable bag in the world --
Roasted coffee beans.
The coffee beans release carbon dioxide for up to five days after baking, which requires ventilation, and the trick is to create a compostable valve replacement.
The awards agency says they have won the most nominations for Caffe Prima this year. * Bin Inn* Eco-
Worst package for store dishwasher tablet * New World \"meat dish crazy\" * shape 12-Pack -
The cookies are packed in the mini \"pillow bag\" and look like a chip bag.
The awards agency says cookies are less vulnerable than French fries and do not need \"super cookies\"
\"Protective\" packaging.
* Delicious noodles in cups * plastic-
Wrap vegetables with meat plates
Popular nomination this year
The New World Metro offered loose zucchini yesterday, or wrapped in three meat plates at the same price per kilogram.
The awards agency says many people are clearly frustrated to see this unnecessary package.
* Prunes in special packaging * Barbie-
Organizers say this is a typical example of poor packaging of toys.
\"It\'s completely over. the-
The top of the toy size, the plastic has no logo, so it cannot be recycled.
Plus the frustration of time
Consumption and tricky untangles.
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