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emergency battery package and desk lamp

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
Sometimes your laptop, your lights, and even your car need to be charged, you only have the battery.
I have experience using 20 AA batteries (15V packaging)
Start my car.
In an emergency, maybe you can power every device you have.
What you need is simple: 1. batteries 2.
Aluminum foil for cooking 3. tape 4. bulb(
This exampledesk lamp)5.
Some cardboard cut from box 6. knife 7.
Cut the tape to your desk in this way, use the sticky side to go live battery, and finally compress the battery as hard as possible, add more tape, the battery voltage in one package (here 12v)
You need to cut some aluminum paper of this size, fold the paper twice and put it in this size, like putting them under the battery container, type tightly with tape stuck to the other side of the battery, be sure to tightly connect the other end of the battery, as before. The battery pack is now complete and you can check the voltage with the volt meter.
But I don\'t think you can have one in an emergency :)
Now let\'s make the emergency desk lamp. The circle will tightly beat the battery pack twice to make strong contact.
Fold the aluminum paper twice and place it at the bottom of your preferred lamp.
I did it directly.
Type aluminum \"wires\" on it \". Folding the lamp body, giving the lamp body a sharp cut on the bolding point. You can find that the sharp cut is the connector for the lamp body, with only two narrow openings on each side of the other end of the lamp bady and attach it to the battery pack as the lamp base, connect the lamp body with the base. This is a very important step.
Type the lamp body firmly in the neck position, make the bulb support, then put the connector of the bulb along the folding body in the neck position, then turn the bulb 90 degrees clockwise.
The bulb will be firmly fixed there.
Ready for wiring, just type both ends of the aluminum \"wire\" at the end of the battery pack. finished.
The lights have illuminated the front and back of your new emergency desk.
It is very stable on the table and easy to take anywhere. Please try to power other devices.
The package should be 20 V for my laptop, grabe 14 AA battery, I\'m sure you can fix it. . .
Good luck to be a hero in an emergency!
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