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\'Excessive\' supermarket packaging is leading to higher council tax bills

by:Top-In     2020-08-02
According to a study by the Local Government Association, almost supermarket food packaging is not easy to recycle.
Unnecessary packaging helps to estimate 1.
8 billion councils will spend on landfill taxes between 2008 and 2011, increasing the pressure on council tax increases.
The researchers evaluated the packaging in a typical shopping basket in eight supermarkets.
White Rose has the heaviest packaging (802. 5 grams)
And the lightest Tesco (645. 5 grams).
Lidl has the lowest packaging level, is easy to recycle, and Sainsbury has the highest packaging level.
White Rose announced the budget for the recession.
The leadership of Sainsbury scoun said that while people are recycling more garbage, their efforts are being stopped by supermarkets.
Supermarkets should pay for recycling services, they say, so that more packaging can be recycled and municipal taxes can be reduced.
The landfill tax commission costs £ 32 per ton of garbage thrown away, and by 2010 this figure will rise to £ 48 per ton.
According to the current landfill rate, this means that the Council will pay an additional 0. 36 billion in landfill tax over the next two years.
Since LGA first evaluated the weight of food packaging in October 2007, it has been reduced in general, but the percentage change that can be recycled is small.
In terms of packing weight, Marks & Spencer is now the second best supermarket, ranking second in previous surveys.
Cllr Margaret Eaton, president of the Local Government Association, said: \"In our recession, shoppers felt the pinch, and we had to leave a world that tolerated plastic wrap coconuts and canned roasted beans in shrink packaging.
\"The UK is a garbage bin in Europe, and the number of garbage thrown into landfill sites is more than in almost any other country in Europe.
\"Taxpayers do not want to see their money used to pay landfill taxes and EU fines, as taxes on the EU Council may be reduced.
\"If we reduce unnecessary packaging, this will reduce the cost and lead to a lower price for the tills.
\"A number of other European countries have established a system whereby companies can contribute to recycling services and household collection of food packaging.
The National Federation of Women\'s Associations has called on shoppers to boycott shops that pack goods in too much plastic and paper.
However, the British Retail Association insisted that the Council did not provide adequate recycling facilities.
The food and beverage industry cut food packaging by about 70,000 tons last year.
For example, Britvic cut Easter egg packaging for one quarter by redesigning Robinson pumpkin bottles and Cadbury, Mars and Nestle, saving 1,670 tons of plastic a year.
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