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explore the many benefits of stretch wrap

by:Top-In     2020-07-26
Stretch Packaging is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to ensure the safety of product transportation or storage.
It has various types, such as hand, machine, stretch band and stretch mesh, which can be used with manual hand-held devices or with semi-handheld devices
Protect your valuables with a variety of automatic and automatic stretch wrapping paper.
You can choose the specifications, widths and colors that best meet your specific needs and start packing these benefits: enhanced product protection-
Whether you are transporting the product for distribution or storing it in a warehouse, packing the goods in stretch packaging protects them from environmental factors that may damage them, such as dust, dust and
By using the UVI stretch film, you can protect the items from UV rays when you store them outdoors.
Keep your product clean, dry but completely visible and you will also protect your profits.
Reduce product damage/increase load stability-
By wrapping your product in a stretch package, you unify it to create a more stable load and reduce the chance of movement that can cause damage to the product.
Whether it is transported by truck, moving normally from road conditions, or moving in the warehouse with a forklift, if the goods are securely wrapped together, therefore, there is less possibility of movement and damage.
Improved efficiency in transportation and handling, increased stack height
Using stretch packs, as well as vertically placed corner panels, will allow you to pile up higher products on pallets and maximize cube space when storing or transporting products.
Increase productivity
Wrap your load to make sure they\'re easy and fast to improve your productivity and get them to do more in a day. Flexibility -
Not everything can be stacked in a neat square structure.
The versatility and flexibility of the stretch package make it easier to stabilize loads that are difficult to stack or have strange shapes.
Improve inventory control
When your product is not properly controlled and dispersed in different directions, it makes inventory control work very inefficient and time consuming.
By unifying your product types together, you can easily and accurately count the product types, reducing the chance of product separation.
Clear stretch wrap allows you to scan directly if you use the scanning system.
Less theft
Again, by integrating your product, it will make it more difficult to steal because the load has to be turned on first, which makes it more likely for someone to see theft.
By using an opaque film, you can actually hide the product and thus protect it by not allowing people to see what it is. Recyclable -
Most stretch films are made of 100% recyclable polyethylene and have real market value if kept fairly clean and if recycled.
By implementing a recycling system in your facility, you can remove the old stretch package from the landfill and put the money in your pocket.
Who would think that a roll of simple stretch packaging can greatly increase your productivity and ultimately increase your profit, but it does.
Sometimes small things make a big difference!
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