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extended producers’ responsibility (EPR): Plastic films choke dairies, milk supply may be affected | Pune News - Times of India

by:Top-In     2020-07-29
Pune: the state\'s milk supply may be affected in the last week of December.
Dairy companies that maintain contact with the Ministry of Environment seek to waive the responsibility of extending producers (EPR)—
Mandatory provisions of the Maharashtra plastic ban, assigning responsibility for the treatment of plastic waste to manufacturers
Failed to convince officials.
Dairy farms are also at risk of running out of stock of plastic film as last month, Maharashtra plastic manufacturers decided to stop the supply of plastic film
Used to make milk bags-
Since December 15, because they don\'t want to design the EPR either.
Once the film of the dairy farm runs out, they will not be able to make the milk bag and sell the product packaging to the consumer.
When the dairy farm obtained the film from the plastic manufacturer, but made the bag by itself, there was an argument that the dairy farm should be designed to handle the EPR of the bag.
However, the dairy farm said they could not.
Dairy farms will clear the plastic film in stock on December 6 and announce the date of use.
Prakash Kutwal, secretary of the milk producers and processors Welfare Association, said the association will meet with Minister of the environment Ramdas Kadam-
But the meeting was not held.
\"Instead, we were told to meet with a senior official of the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB)
Who insists that we must prepare the EPR.
If milk supply stops because there are no plastic bags, not just consumers, but even thousands of farmers who supply milk to dairy farms, Kutwal said.
He added that the government has not yet offered alternatives to dairy farms.
\"Glass bottles are not possible because they are banned in railway, military and university canteens.
Maharashtra has about 85 litres of lakh milk per day for domestic use and requires 10,000 tons of plastic per year.
Imagine how much glass is needed, \"he said.
News from Chitale dairy said that if the supply of plastic film is stopped, then the supply of milk in Maharashtra will stop.
\"Once the stock of a dairy brand\'s movie is over, other brands may also stop supplying milk in plastic bags,\" a source said . \".
E. Ravendiran, MPCB Member Secretary, said, \"stakeholders should propose an EPR.
If there is any disagreement between dairy farms, then the MPCB and the industry will work to address these issues.
The supply of milk should also not be affected.
\"He added that plastic manufacturers should also share the responsibility,\" he said . \".
Another official said the dairy farm could buy plastic film from other states.
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