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The NPE 2006 offers a range of features to make extrusion of film, paper, pipes and profiles more effective.
These include more widespread use of direct
Permanent driving-
Synchronous magnet
Torque Motors, new automation equipment, molds that can accelerate color and product changes and reduce waste, and more efficient ways of heating and cooling. Direct-
The most important new technology for driving the motor to have a wide impact on extrusion is quiet, energy saving
High efficiency, low
Permanent maintenance-
Synchronous magnettorque motors.
Motor manufacturers Baumuller, Siemens, and KEB America presented this \"synchronous torque\" motor at NPE for the first time.
Macchi in Italy shows an example of this nascent trend, where the company drives the film blowing line entirely with such a motor on three extruder machines, and holds and cools the rollers.
This is the first time that North America has dramatically demonstrated these precise, silent energy sources.
High efficiency, low
Repair the motor. Macchi\'s syn-
The torque line has a 7000-
80-on Nm Siemens motor and nordle/SKF thrust bearing
Two-mm main extruder
Nm torque motor on each of the two 65-
Mm co-extrusion, 200-Nm syn-
Torque Motors are reported to drive clamp rollers and cold rollers, which provide more accurate tension control than servo motors.
After the show, the line was sent to a film processor in Pennsylvania for high
High quality laminated film.
Macchi ordered three movie series with gearless motors for the USS. Davis-
The standard shows its 3. 5-in.
EMDD extruder for the first time, with 200-hp Siemens syn-
Torque motor up to 7000 Nm.
This is the first extruder in North America to adopt a new type of motor.
Siemens for gear
Last year, box maker Flender was now able to provide syncing
Torque Motors with Flender thrust bearings make it easier to convert to direct drive.
Addex display 70-
Mm co-extrusion machine with 94-
Hp Baumuller DST 315 sync-
Torque motor, in crowded 7-or nine-
There is no layer line for the gearbox.
Windmoeller & Hoelscher revealed that it has made the first extruder (4 in. diam. )
With synchronous functiontorque motor (from Siemens)
Laboratories in GermanySyn-
French supplier Leroy Somer\'s torque motor also appears on an efficient \"nirvana\" air compressor developed by Ingersoll Rand
Rand four years ago.
Ingersoll said the motor is 15% more energy efficient than the conventional compressor motor and is more reliable, \"no pulley, belt, coupling or bearing can be replaced\"Rand.
Companies directly patented-
Driven by the hollow motor intermediate guide shaft, 500 to 700 sets of Nirvana compressors are now produced per month.
Reifenhauser, the first company to commercialize a synchronous torque motor extruder in 2003, offers a range of standard models of REItorque extruder with diameters ranging from 25 to 100mm.
Their Siemens Motors offer torque from 300 to 11,000 Nm.
Reifenhauser said that most of its new extruder orders have designated the REItorque motor for almost the same price as the conventional motor plus gearbox.
The US Maplan is 75mm month: the monthly sheet extruder adopts four
Drive the motor directly from Knoedler.
HP, with a total size of 342, is the world\'s four largest
Suitable for motor drive of extruder.
In several new ways to improve efficiency, the fine Chuan Alpine American company presents a crammer system that sends decorative pieces into the groovefeed extruder.
From the standard edge-
Trimming and grinding system from sister company Shichuan polymer system, then through specially designed with pre-
Mix the spiral, mix the fluff with the original particles, and deliver the mixture to a special extruder screw that delivers the mixture to the groove feed throat of the extruder.
For the barrier membrane, Alpine shows its new X-Series seven-layer die. The side-
The Fed stacking mold eliminates the end line in the film because the spiral is processed inside the cylinder rather than outside.
Not half of the port is round.
The Circle, Alpine says, provides a more streamlined process, which makes cleaning and color change as fast as 15 minutes. The seven-
After the show, layer die went to Alpine\'s lab for customer testing.
Especially good for narrow
MWD materials prone to Port streamline.
Brampton engineering sold its first Aquafrost film blowing production line in North America. The nine-layer, water-
Express Packing Company
Brampton, Ontario(
Brampton has five more lines installed around the world, five to ten floors, and two more.
Tier line on Chinese and European orders. )
Aquafrost competes with the blown PE barrier film 1.
Output is 5 to 2 times high.
Flexible, fast W & H
In the United States, \"changing the multi-alcohol air ring\" was shown \". S.
First time.
It\'s from single-to dual-
Lip or \"invisible flow\" between the two \".
It takes 10 to 30 minutes to convert from one mode to another.
Rings are available, whether they are automatic or notgauge control.
Reifenhauser also launched a new high
The performance double air ring, called REI2cool, features adjustable height and special IBC stabilizer.
Not your normal double.
The new rei2 cool unit of Reifenhauser is two separate rings, one mounted on the mold and the other mounted on the adjustable height below the collapsed cage.
The system creates a round bubble neck between the two gas rings, not an oval neck, to provide greater stability.
Reifenhauser says it can also maximize the throughput of a variety of film products and hits
The proportion of the rise, and double
Lip gas rings are usually limited to high outputs within a narrow range of products. An auto-gauge-
The control system is from.
Carnevalli and Cia Ltda.
From Brazil, known as multi-point, there are segmented heating elements in the mold.
This is the first time to run with Kundig rotary thickness gauge.
W & H also developed the first automatic capability to change the plane width and layer ratio.
The \"easy replacement\" module introduced six months ago is an improvement in the W & H multi-ip migration.
It combines a PLC encoder
Control cage positioning by integrated control of adjustable side rail, screw speed, air ring and IBC, making the product change faster than the operator.
15 W & H have been shipped, including several to the United StatesS.
Another new feature of the W & H bubble cage is the exhaust system installed at the bottom of the cage to remove paraffin and dust.
W & H has sold more than a dozen since its launch last fall, and several in the US are orderingS.
W & H also showed the rubbercoated carbon-
The fiber roller of the bubble cage is cheaper than the fluorine resin-coated rollers.
Addex shows its first GBR (gauge-With random generator)
The structure aluminum frame is used instead of steel for oscillation transportation.
This makes it light enough to eliminate the expensive reinforcement of the tower to support the weight of the transport.
Macro-engineering and technology have developed a new advantage
The guide system, which is said to be the only one that does not move the film using tension.
Instead, it slides the film up to 12 pieces using a symmetrical air cushion.
In any directionThe tension-
There should be free edge guides this month.
In addition, W & H has added a function to all hoist to improve the efficiency of the operator.
The fine red line of the laser shows the position of the operator to adjust the core alignment.
It is displayed on a new TX winding machine up to 47-in. -diam. rolls vs. 31. 5 in.
For the old thin film T stack turret winding machine.
Two new non-thickness News
Nuclear thickness gauge was launched at the exhibition.
Thermal Electronics(
Previous EGS measurements)
Its first thickness gauge is introduced, which uses an LED array with galium nitrite as a monochrome, non-monochrome
Pulse light source.
It shines through the curve vertex of the volume into the receiver, which measures the thickness of the shadow projected through the film of the volume.
The induction sensor installed in the middle of the roller looks straight down and checks the relative position of the roller vertex.
The software calculates the difference between the rolling position and the shadow thickness, giving a non-
Real thickness measurement of contact, high-
Fast mobile network.
EGS has 20 LED meters installed, which were launched last year for foam and plate applications of 200 to 6500 microns thick and up to 90. wide.
The cost of the LED meter is about 10% higher than the nuclear meter, measuring the transparent and opaque film, although the opacity will produce a clearer shadow.
Betacontrol in the United States presents a new thickness gauge that uses an infrared camera to read the film temperature and infer the thickness.
Compared to the nuclear gauge, the unit can be placed closer to the mold bolt, so the response is faster.
The first prototype was beta tested in one place.
So far, it works for PE, PP and PS, but other materials have not been tested yet.
The goal is to adapt it to all commodity materials before it is commercialized in next March.
For blowing film, Plast-
Control shows its noncontact C-
First scan capacitor gauge in North America.
It shows on K 2004 in Germanyframe. The O-
The frame demonstrated on the NPE can reach 3 frames.
2 m widespeed (20-to 30-sec)
After dragging and scanning, the blocking film is cool enough to be measured by capacitance. Non-
The contact capacitance does not measure the absolute thickness, only the relative profile is measured, and the thick and thin points are detected.
The reporter\'s message in the film and sheet film shows--
From stretch film to PVC--
Includes faster winding, faster cooling, faster everything.
PTi Processing Technology
Developed a fast
Disconnect plug
In the version of its Trident Series extruder, the operator can replace the heater belt without the need for maintenance technicians.
An unusually efficient new barrel
The heating and cooling system has also been commercialized, and so far, mainly the transformation of cast films and plates.
Rex Materials Group as Rex TCS (
Thermal control solution
Under the permission of Insul-Vest. (Insul-
Vest invented the technology and introduced it in the name of the insulation tile in the NPE 2003. )
Rex TCS uses radiation heaters under ceramics
The fiber is insulated, so the heat passes quickly and enters the barrel almost completely.
Air gap between heater and barrel allows high
The speed of air (
Over 6000/minute)
Fast cooling.
The Rex TCS heaters save an average of 40% energy and up to 75% energy, RMG said.
Several large paper processors, including Eaton (formerly St. Gobain)
Plastipak and Spartech have converted some of the extruder into a new system suitable for any extruder starting with 3. 5 to 8 in. screw diam.
So far, no extruder original equipment manufacturers have provided them.
Extrusion mold industry provides a profile mold with a record width for stretch film-a 5. 5-
Miautoflex VIR-
HM 40 and 9-
Layer feedback block and customization
Split function is established for cleaning.
The contour mold introduced three years ago shortened the product conversion time from 40 minutes or more to 5 minutes or less, EDI said.
The wider you die, the bigger your savings will be. Stretch-
The efficiency of the hoist is also getting higher and higher. Davis-
Standard conversion system developed a four-spindle surface winding machine with center assist for six-up machine-wrap or hand-wrap stretch-
The movie volume is 120. wide.
New Black Magic S4 four-
Spindle winding machine has 25-sec roll-to-
Rolling period time and
Two for 47 seconds-spindle unit.
The new model winds 800 rolls/hour or 15,000 rolls/day, automatically adding cores from the bin.
It can also handle 2-or 3-in.
Early model wind only 3-corein. cores.
In the foam, Cincinnati extrusion from Austria showed its Alpha extruder for the first time in the United StatesS.
Added a new ICU chillroll stack. The ICU (
Enhanced cooling unit)
Colonel quasi in all thickness up to 1. 5-in. PVC foam board.
The ICU can also change the relative thickness of the solid surface.
Battenfeld Gloucester presents its newly redesigned Opticell foam board mould for the production of single or double PS or PE mesh without Spider thread.
It features removable inner and outer die lip and quick clearancethe-
Adjust the die diameter to squeeze out a series of network widths.
The external adjustment mechanism is strengthened to improve the thickness uniformity of the entire plate width.
Last fall, bass
Delivered the first highoutput (80-mm)
Quantec kneading machine suitable for PVC pressing feed.
The kneader for direct pressing feeding is longer than the universal kneader for PVC mixing--
Ventilation at the end of the barrel at 15:1 L/D and vacuum
Vacuum degassing between 10:1 and standard Quantec kneader and secondary discharge extruder. (
If the roller mill is used for degassing, 10: 1 Quantec can be used to feed the roller mill. )
Work with B & P process equipment to release pipeline and profile news (Saginaw, Mich. )
The first collaborative parallel double was developed in Cincinnati milarone
Screw Extruder specially designed for higher wood output-
Plastic Composite material (WPC)profiles.
B & P is making this machine and Milacron offers motors, drives and a new generation of mosaic controls and will be sold exclusively for WPC.
It uses an improved metering part (known as direct extrusion discharge) to squeeze out wood flour up to 80% on the screw to establish enough pressure, in the absence of a gear pump or a secondary order-screw extruder.
The new TE model has four diameters: 80mm lbs/HR 1000, 100mm lbs/HR 2000, 125mm lbs/HR 4000 and 160mm lbs/HR 8000-
This will be the highest
Milacron says WPC extruder production in the world is high.
B & P has built three out of 80
Mm R & D scale is being tested and the first commercial is being built-
Now the scale of TP 125. Counter-
Rotating parallel double
Screw has for WPC and cone twins built the up to 4000 pound/hours of 2600 pound/hours.
The two companies have demonstrated more effective basket mold alternatives to improve the melting distribution of large pipes and profiles and faster color changes.
For the first time in the United States, Maplan has demonstrated a VSI lattice/basket mold for olefin pipelines in the United StatesS.
The VSI mold is a combination of the screw and the basket, shorter than the basket mold, resulting in lower pressure and temperature.
It was launched in Germany in 2004 by Maplan\'s sister company Battenfeld extrstechnik, which has built 30 units.
Last year, Maplan began offering smaller diameter VSI molds for the same price as the screw core.
Guill tools and engineering are building a spiral-
The larger-sized core shaft mold used to replace the basket mold.
Guill has manufactured screw pipe molds up to 10 in. diam.
And designed one for 15 people.
Guill says it will be the biggest spiral tube mold in the market.
Maillefer SA has introduced a new system to make PEX-
A pipe that is connected in series with the extrusion in an infrared oven. PEX-
The B tube is cross-linked-
Line up in the hot tub.
Organic food in the oven
The healing tube is better, says Maillefer.
By turning the oven element on or off, the dwell time and line speed can be controlled.
Maillefer has sold the first two lines in Europe.
Maillefer has also launched a new turnkey PEX-aluminum-
PEX composite pipe production system USAS.
Fully automated.
Corma is building the world\'s largest bellows tool-84-in. diam.
The output is 3000 to 3500/hour.
The gougater system heading to the Middle East is completely closed, air-
Internal adjustment, increase the output.
Rohrwerke, Frankfurt, Germany, has just finished its first double.
Wall Corrugated tool 60-in. -diam.
Pipe a few days before NPE.
The first model of fdc xxl was delivered to a European customer.
Previously, the company\'s largest corrugated mold is 30 years. diam.
Unicor is also 60-in. -diam. , dual-
Wall bellows.
It will be delivered to a customer in Indiana next year.
It will make 20-ft sections.
Unicor\'s biggest double so far
Wall Tube tool consisting of 48-in. -diam. pipe.
Omipa extrusion machinery presents a complex mold for hollow profiles for PC panels that combine sevento nine-
A layer blocking structure with a hollow honeycomb profile up to 42mm thick, with a reinforced X between the surface layers.
International company.
A new profile mold for building panels with rigid PVC inner coextrusion foaming PS was presented from Taiwan.
The PS foam core provides rigid and insulated sound insulation.
Pitac developed the mold to co-squeeze the hard PVC on 212 f ps with 239 to 302 F (
Foaming with Zhengkou acid).
Since 2003, Pitac has five production lines in Dubai, producing flat panel panels and tongueand-
Slot plate for temporary housing.
Co-extrusion saves labor to insert foam into profiles and makes stronger products.
Need to know more?
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