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get your foil stamped business cards and menu flyers for your company

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
Business cards provide the most effective way to communicate between the organization and the customer.
A well designed business card does make you different from your competitors. There are various types of cards to choose from, but the most expensive is the business card stamped with tin paper.
This is indeed the most prestigious card in the business world and regards it as a weapon.
It is equipped with a silk coating, which has bending resistance and is not easy to tear, printed on a 16pt laminated paper and has a life of 10 times that of a standard paper card.
The card consists of high-end shiny foil that flashes in good lighting conditions.
Combined with a combination of black or white, it looks great and attractive to the receiver.
Combined with the front color print file and foil mask, the desired effect is achieved.
Before you get the business card stamped with tin paper, you should consider something.
Keep in mind that simple design is always more attractive.
From the customer\'s point of view, choose the right font style and make sure you provide all the information you think is important.
All of this is combined with the lowest printing price and quick delivery options.
You can expect as high quality products as possible compared to your competitors.
High definition color printing ensures accurate color for high quality products.
Many quality checks have been completed before your product is delivered.
If the product fails to pass the quality test, re-test.
Place your order now and give you a business card with tin paper on it!
The success of a restaurant or cafe depends largely on its menu flyer.
Buy one for your business at an affordable price.
Designing a menu flyer can be tricky and you certainly need to work on designing it.
Create your own design, or choose from the available templates to get the best-looking menu flyer for your business.
Make sure the design is simple with very attractive fonts.
The attractive background and some pictures will make it look great.
Just make sure everything is easy to read and not crowded.
You can also add relevant information about your company for promotion.
There are many types of menu flyers;
What is most popular now is folding (like tri-fold, z-fold, half-fold etc).
Choose a suitable fold and you can go.
The online design tool is very easy to use and you can design your own flyer in just a few minutes.
Full color offset printing guarantees the highest quality of the product.
The printing process is handled by a professional and thorough quality inspection is carried out to ensure that the color of the final product matches accurately with the samples provided by the customer.
The product must pass several quality checks before shipping.
Compared to digital printing, this technology provides 99 kinds.
Compared to the 8% change in digital printing, the color accuracy is 30%.
Fast delivery options are provided to ensure that you receive the product in the shortest possible time.
Just order now to get your own menu flyer at an affordable price.
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