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getting to the bottom of stand up pouches -- which type of bottom gusset is right for you?

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
In recent years, standing bags have set off a storm in the packaging world.
Have or have no re-
A closed zipper seal, the straight stand bag is a laminated thin film bag, usually made of a mixture of different types of plastic or plastic and aluminum foil.
Manufacturers are raving about bags because they use a lot less material than other traditional packaging methods (such as cartons or boxes), and they offer great opportunities for brands and merchandise sales.
The stand bag is available in a variety of shapes and sizes with three basic sizes: width, height and bottom corner support.
The bottom buckle is the extra material at the bottom of the bag to give it the ability to expand.
Upright pouch can be made to meet your exact specifications, but usually the bottom corner brace of the pouch is one of three different styles: round bottom corner brace, K-
Back cover or plow bottom.
Which one you choose depends on the type of product you plan to live in.
Here is a brief description of each style to help you determine which style works best for you: circular bottom gusset this style, the edges of the gusset welded to the side of the support wall, give the package extra strength and support it needs to stand up.
Standing bags made of round bottom buckle plates are considered the most common in the industry and are ideal for products with less than a pound of weight. K-
If your product exceeds a certain weight, you may consider using a K-
Back cover buckle plate.
In this style, the seal of both sides is at 30-
From the angle of the bag.
This eliminates the sealing stress on both sides of the package and allows for an increase in volume.
The bottom of the plow is also known as a corner seal, and the style of this straight bag is made of a thin film, so there is no seal on the corner support board, making it particularly popular with manufacturers of granular products such as sugar or salt.
In this stand-up bag style, the product in the package is placed directly on the shelf.
This is ideal for products weighing more than a pound.
No matter which style you choose, there is no doubt that by switching to the use of stand-up bags, your profit will definitely be taken care!
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