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If you plan on getting laser eye surgery, you

by:Top-In     2020-07-03
The most commonly reported laser eye surgery problem is dry eyes. Those who already experience from this syndrome are often not suitable candidates for this type of surgery and are usually turned down. However, if the patient is persistent in wanting to get their eyes zapped, then the eye surgeon can prescribe them certain medications to ensure that the patient is producing a sufficient tear film in order to handle the laser's side effects. Otherwise, alternatives to eye surgery would be recommended, such as orthokeratology lenses. However, dry eyes can still be a significant side effect for suitable laser eye surgery candidates. In most cases, these irritating symptoms, such as burning, itching and a sensation of the eye sticking to the eyelid are self-resolving and using eye drops regularly after the surgery can alleviate such symptoms. If the dry eye syndrome lasts for an unusually long time, say for more than 6 months, then it is likely to be a permanent side effect. This is a rare occurrence and to prevent such side effects from becoming permanent, it is highly recommended that one should stay in regular consultation with their doctor or eye surgeon, for as long as 6 months to a year after the initial surgery. One of the many other laser eye surgery problems that a patient can experience is eye infection. This is much more common in LASIK surgery, rather than LASEK or PRK surgery where there is less physical intervention by the eye surgeon. Regardless of the actual technique, a patient should still be wary of potential eye infections that can occur, as the eye is undergoing the healing process. Precautions such as, not applying lotions or creams, not allow chemicals near your eyes, not exposing you eyes to water and definitely not rubbing your eyes will help prevent dangerous infections to your eyes. Another complication that you can expect is a loss of vision over time. This may seem contradictory to the whole point of eye surgery, but this is due to the nature of the eye itself and how it heals. Since there was an act of physical change in the eye, which artificially affected its shape, your body will attempt to recover it back to its original shape. In the same way when you get a cut or a bruise, your body will attempt to recover that original tissue or skin. However, sometimes, your body heals too much and this ends up under correcting the effects of laser eye surgery, which lead to a loss of vision over time. These are just some of the laser eye surgery problems that you can expect after laser surgery. As with all surgeries, it is a risk that you must be willing to take. Otherwise you will have to accept wearing glasses or contact lenses for the rest of your life.
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