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Ill. governor rejects plastic bag recycling bill

by:Top-In     2020-07-30
Pat Quinn vetoed a bill on Sunday that requires plastic bag manufacturers to set up a collection and recycling plan, saying it was a \"hurdle\" for local communities to make their own choices \".
The proposed law provides that the manufacturer must establish a recycling plan with the goal of increasing the recovery rate by 12% by 2015 and eventually manufacturing bags from at least 30% of the recycles.
It also requires manufacturers to register with Illinois officials as retail stores can only use bags from registered manufacturers.
Local municipalities will be banned from issuing their own plastic bag laws, including the ban.
Environmental activists, including a teenager who led the opposition to the bill, did not support it.
They claim that there are very few targets set by law and that local communities can do more through their own laws.
The bill is supported by plastic bag manufacturers and the Illinois retailer association.
Chicago Democrat Quinn says he wants to work out a better plan to step up recycling.
\"Let\'s not tie the hands of innovative Illinois municipalities, who are the laboratories of Illinois reform,\" Quinn said in a statement . \". \"While well-
In good faith, this legislation is an obstacle to innovation and does little to promote recycling in Illinois.
We can do better.
\"Dozens of cities across the country, including Los Angeles and Seattle, have banned plastic bags.
Some municipalities impose fines on customers who use them because they fear that oil products, garbage and animals will be entangled or swallowed up.
In Illinois, champagne has been considering charging or banning plastic bags.
Manufacturers say they are disappointed with Quinn\'s decision.
Lawmakers can still vote to overturn Quinn\'s veto.
Mark Denzler, vice chairman of the Illinois Association of Manufacturers, said in a statement that, the law \"represents Illinois\'s opportunity to lead the country in recycling plastic bags and plastic films that account for the main part of waste logistics.
Without state-wide regulation, manufacturers and retailers will face \"a patchwork of state-wide, chaotic and expensive regulation,\" he said \". \"Meanwhile, 13-year-
Abby Goldberg, an old Chicago suburb, celebrated the decision.
She led the petition campaign against the bill with about 170,000 signatures and pushed her hometown, Grace Lake, to ban those signatures.
\"When big plastic is trying to push this bill through my state, I can\'t sit quietly,\" Goldberg said in a statement . \".
\"I care too much about animals, too much about our environment, too much about our natural resources in the future.
That\'s why I took action.
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