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In 1953, Gucci handbags branched out into overseas markets

by:Top-In     2020-07-21
So far, season re-season, Gucci Outlet is still a lot of people love the endless brand, Tom Ford unparalleled creativity and marketing, no doubt across the late 90s and early 21st century's brightest star. Gucci into a more successful combination of the classic and modern, traditional and innovative new image, to redefine Gucci leading position in the fashion industry, a boutique brand transformation and rejuvenation of the most successful example. The Gucci fashion show attracted 800 guests, including the Hong Kong star, the domestic film and television star Ma Yili, Shen Ao Jun, Xuejia Ning, Zhou Lei, Bao Lei, high Beibei, Wang Yulin, Zhu Yong Tang, Yan W, Chin Hsiang-lin of Taiwan famous movie star couple Miss Sun Suifen celebrities, Miss Chen Mei qi, Miss Zhao Shi he, Xia he Na and Xia he Ting and sisters, and guests. Hong Bin shadow market lingerie, guests enjoy the unique edge music, while tasting specially arranged Gucci handbag champagne, reveling in very excited and relaxed atmosphere. The autumn and winter 2005, Gucci fashion show brings together more than 30 leading international models, including Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, Australia, the United States, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Which freshly Men's UNO global Chinese super male model champion Mr. Xu Zheng, Hong Kong supermodel Miss Qiqi, also attended the performance, the common interpretation of the 60 sets of male and female fashion Gucci autumn and winter, including Gucci waterproof material series shoulder bag 207300 brown women . The same day, ordered a dozen exhibition center square sky light laser light to illuminate the dark sky, the entire Exhibition Centre is both mysterious and noble. East in a museum exhibition center has the atmosphere lively, this shows in Gucci handbags are still consistent with the black theme, guests were left in the shadows of the former Gucci backdrops. Through the luxurious lobby, after bedclothes black carpet air arched ladder entered on the second floor of the beautiful field. Show floor plays unique background music, with blue lights, the whole show field full of mystery. Gucci Outlet brand fashion all along famed with high-grade, luxurious, sex appeal at the world, with 'of the identity and fortune symbolic' brand image into? Rich brownstone consumption favorite, has always been business circles personage all along, fashionable do not break decorous. Welcome to Gucci Online Store to get the latest products and more discount.
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