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In ay office, the use of folders is quite common

by:Top-In     2020-06-30
We have different types of folders in the market. Some of them are very particular in their usage as they serve special purposes while the rest are for general purpose usage. One of the products in the latter category is known as the pocket folders. It is used widely in offices, libraries, schools, classrooms, hospitals and at many other places. With its well known design, it has special utility in protecting and transporting various documents. It has pockets or slits on the inside of its covers to serve its purpose more effectively. It can handle a large variety of documents in its pockets. These products have the standard design of other folders. They are, in fact, produced from a paper or plastic sheet that is folded in the center to give it a two panel look. If it is folded twice, it would be called produce a three panel folder. Paper and plastic are the most common materials used for their production. To increase the value and functionality of these items, more than one pocket can also be attached to them. For example, the 2 pocket folders are quite common as they help in increasing the worth of these products with the enhanced capacity of holding more documents. When these products are used for the dual purpose of document management and advertisement, they must have proper designing and printing. Innovative designs can help in attracting more customers. With their large sizes, pocket folders provide an excellent platform to enhance the business identity of a company. Their covers can be utilized to portray company colors, brand image, logo, tag line, contact info and any advertisement campaign that is being currently run by the company. Moreover, they can be used for the decorative purposes as well. In many of the business activities like a presentation, meeting or a seminar, they are used extensively. Printing is yet another part of the process that is necessary to deliver high quality products. Only the top class printing tools and technologies can result in top class products. Full color CMYK printing process is utilized heavily for this purpose. There is another process as well which is known as the PMS printing system. Moreover, we can customize these products with value added services. Matte finish, glossy finish, vinyl material, transparent material and foil stamping can also be used to enhance the look of custom pocket folders. Customization provides a chance to the customers to change almost any aspect of their products in any way that suits the best according to their specific needs.
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