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In order to have a good relationship with a woman

by:Top-In     2020-07-11
Reward her with your attention if she does something in the correct way, and withdraw your attention if she does something you don't like.Most men will go wrong by doing the complete opposite of above. If you only reward her when she does something good she will soon learn that is the only time you will be nice to her. Be consistent with this then her bad behaviour will eventually go away. The most effective way to do this is to have her think that you will walk out at any given moment when she behaves badly. This doesn't mean you actually will, but if she believes that you would, and then your girlfriend will know that she has to work hard to keep you. Avoid any beta male traits. Do not argue with her or insult her in anyway. Make her feel like you are there to protect her. Be the stronger man. Do the following; Open doors for her When walking with her walk on the side closer to the road Be a gentleman Respect yourself and then she will respect you. Never feel like you have to explain yourself to her. Relationships are good things, but only if you remain happy in it. You should however give her the impression that the relationship could all end in a second. This makes the relationship more of a challenge to her. Let her chase you, she will like you more for it. Her responsibility is for the relationship, yours is for the sex. If you are not getting enough then you should leave her and find it elsewhere. Let her do all the work when it comes to arranging to meet up with each other. Don't call her all the time and don't feel like you have to. Let her think that she cares about the relationship more than you do. Definitely don't jump to do things for her. However you still need to make sure she knows that you appreciate her for the things she does. She should feel rewarded when she does good things for you. Say once in a while to her that she 'pleases you'. She will then want to continue to do things to please you. You want her to think that she is investing a lot into your relationship and that she is getting plenty in return. This way you stay in control whilst at the same time she is happy.So you should let her do most of the work but you still need to do things for her. Surprise her once in a while with small gifts. Make sure they aren't expensive otherwise you will become less of a challenge to her. Put some time and thought into your gift. Listen to the types of things she likes when you are out with her for ideas. She may talk about a film she likes, so the gift could be a DVD of that film for example. Pick random days of the months to give her a gift, go on a trip or go to dinner. If you are predictable, the relationship will come to a shuddering stop. Women like the relationship to be spontaneous.Don't drop the, I love you', phrase too early on in the relationship. You will keep more control of the relationship if you hold it back for a while. Instead use other phrases like, 'I admire you'. Whatever you do, make sure you never spend 100% of your time on women. As an Alpha Male you have other interests in your life that won't involve her once in a while.
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