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In the financial crisis, the global plastic industry

by:Top-In     2020-07-23
Based on the statistics, the consumption amount in 2009 has reach 176 million tons or so. There is a giant increase compared with the level of 2008. Among engineering plastics production, HDPE accounts for 17%, LLDPE accounts for 11%, LDPE is 10%, PP is 25%, PVC is 18%, PET is 8%, PS is 6%, ABS is 4% and PC is 2%. In the area of engineer plastics, the market demand of PC and ABS are sound in development trend due to the pooling of developing markets. In the next five years, the global demand on PC is with annual increase rate of 5.8%. By the end of 2015, the total demand would reach 4.4 million tons. It is pointed by report that PC would be with greatest developing speed in automobile glass industry. It is also pointed by CMAI that PC would get full developing potential in digital and electric industry's application. It is possible for the PC market to become the biggest application area by 2015. The main pushing force would be emerging economic entities. Global ABS market would get annual increase rate of 5% in next 5 years. That would be still higher than global GDP increase. The application area of ABS with fast speed would be transportation and household electric market. It is estimated that former market would meet annual increase rate over 5%. It would be the biggest application area until 2015. Besides, CMAI report also points that the engineer plastics markets in Europe and America would be good in next few years. The manufacturers' competitive force would get improved, and the supply would be a little tight. The equipment would sustain high producing rate. Some manufacturers are dedicated to improving efficiency and producing special products. They will execute reasonable improvement for devices with higher cost. Based on the statistics of ACC, PE exporting amount of USA in 2009 met new peak record. 2010 just follows the sound tendency. In 2009, engineer plastics were mainly exported to China. From 2010, the exporting began turning to Canada and Mexico. Though the products of Middle East are competitive, it would not form threats to North America since North America applies low-cost ethane as raw material. Such products are seeking opportunity for export. In addition, non-building area of USA has met recovering demand for Ptfe film. It is estimated that Ptfe film demand in USA 2010 market would still increase fast, though the level is greatly lower than condition from 2006 to 2007. In the next 5 years, North America and Western Europe would increase by 1.5% to 1.7% per year. However, PET manufacturers will still meet the market with extra supply. PET demand would not get fast increase in near future.
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