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Incredible news for all the movie geeks around the world

by:Top-In     2020-07-06
We've previously observed the unveiling of the Magic Wand Remote, which in turn can control Television sets and also home theatre systems, now 2 innovative pieces of advanced technology will be constructed that could see a few legendary styles from time honored sci-fi and fantasy films appearing in our everyday activities. At present, experts in the states are building 3d hologram moving images, which are projected from screens and up-date instantly. Typically the hologram videos would look similar to those shown during the original Star Wars films, when holographic moving images of Princess Leia are projected by R2D2. The technology, which functions by filming visuals on numerous digital cameras at varied angles, can potentially beam moving imagery in real-time across the globe, with the possibility to transform 3d technology, TV, film, video gaming, video conferencing and perhaps medical procedures. It will be possible this 3-d technology could possibly make it easy for operating specialists to accomplish surgical treatments miles from the patients, making use of 3-d mapping equipment. The particular prototype presently updates every 2 seconds and its only projecting in a single shade, still scientists hope to make a model which up-dates at ordinary video rates, making it a significant opponent against other Three dimensional systems. A second inspiring bit of news is that scientists are working hard on a brand-new material that could be utilized to create a real-life Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak. Experts located at St Andrew's University in Scotland are working on 'Metaflex' a metamaterial which might probably make up the basis of special light-reflecting gear. So what's next? Fingers crossed for a Back To The Future time machine.
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