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Induction heating technology used in home appliance

by:Top-In     2020-07-22
a PCB used to connect the main circuit circuit, when the movement the greater the power, the input rectifier bridge before the AC main circuit, the rectifier bridge output after the main circuit DC bus, LC resonant circuit output current, the greater the primary order to PCB copper foil to provide adequate over-current capability and lower copper foil temperature rise, we must increase PCB size, increasing the width of the main loop of copper foil, copper foil to increase the thickness of PCB, PCB will eventually lead to expensive, increasing the overall cost of the movement. b A part of the company's products, due to size restrictions on movement, so the PCB size can not do too much, usually adopted the practice of artificial PCB exposed copper and tin with solder to increase the thickness of copper foil, increase over current capacity of PCB . (artificial tin can accurately control the thickness), or with copper, copper, etc. The main loop around the circle, then tin man no matter what kind of tin process, will increase the complexity of the operation, increased labor costs. c circuit loop with the main control circuit integrated in a chip on the PCB, high power / weak no separation, some drivers are likely to cause interference. In severe cases, lead to the IGBT module straight up and down the pipe, burning the bridge IGBT module and the rectifier modules. d If the PCB is in a small part of the circuit or component failure, resulting in the movement does not work, you need to replace the entire repair PCB. other components can not be removed to use, increased maintenance costs and maintenance difficult. ePCB multiple discrete capacitors in parallel, due to alignment problems, causing each capacitor in actual use because of the distribution lines in the circuit inductance is inconsistent, resulting in over-current inconsistencies in severe cases, fever can cause a serious burn only the capacitor. (both flow-pressure problems in the high-frequency high-power induction heating equipment must pay attention!) 6 movement in the DC-LINK capacitors, high voltage resonant capacitor, due to a certain degree of self-heating, so the industry have adopted the way of air movement, the capacitors and other components for cooling because of the whole can not be sealed, will lead to soot, water vapor, cockroaches, dust and other metals from the cooling fan / air movement into the interior, deposited on the PCB, so that high-voltage ignition components easy to pin between the discharge, short circuit, etc. is easy to control movement, severe burning occurred phenomenon. Module using the advantages of film capacitors a movement within the main loop of the bypass process using copper structure, copper thickness is assured of the main flow back to passing ability, low-temperature copper bar. Installation is simple, convenient, fast, efficient and greatly reduce the error probability. b the main circuit only requires two copper strips, instead of the past a large PCB, the product material costs and labor costs, and greatly reduced, reliability is improved. eliminating the need for PCB plug-in, Tin stove, welding and other processes. c part of the main loop control with separate driver, so strong electrical / weak separation to reduce the primary resonant circuit of the chip-driven part of the interference of the product after-sales maintenance and other convenient, reusable components, reducing maintenance costs . d As capacitors are modular forms package, available aluminum heat, movement can be hermetically sealed solved the fumes, moisture, cockroaches, dust and other metals into the movement's internal problems, improved product reliability and life. e by a number of discrete capacitors in parallel to form a single module, to solve the discrete capacitor over the uneven flow, partial pressure of inequality and other issues, shorten the distance of the main circuit line, reducing the line inductance on the power distribution components of the impact. display module LCD modules
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