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iPhone to Paper Phone: Smartphone prototype made with interactive paper

by:Top-In     2020-07-25
Move in, iPhone;
You will soon be replaced by a paper smartphone.
This is the professor\'s prediction.
Director Roel Vertegaal will present an interactive paper computer that copies many of the features of the iPhone
From making phone calls to playing music to sharing books
At next week\'s meeting in Vancouver
\"We want all phones to be like this in five to ten years,\" Vertegaal said . \".
He said that the appearance and feeling of the world\'s first paper mobile phone is like a translucent small piece of paper.
Vertegaal compares its appearance and form to a flexible conference badge, but a prototype phone can implement computer functions from playing music to making calls.
\"The e-ink screen is similar to the one in the Kindle, but the screen is flexible,\" Vertegaal said of 9 . \". 5-
Centimeter diagonal, thin-
Film Flexible Display using technology in e-readers such as Amazon Kindle.
To make a phone call on a prototype phone, you squeeze the interactive paper and it has a layer that can sense how it bends and put it on your ear.
\"Just bend the screen and it knows you want to call,\" Vertegaal said . \".
The purpose of the prototype, he said, is to show what the technology can do.
\"It\'s still early,\" he said . \"
\"As far as I know, this is the first paper phone.
This is a video demonstration of the prototype.
The team that created the prototype included researchers from Arizona State University and Queen\'s University who worked with Asus\'s Flexible Display Center and E Ink.
Leading developer of electronic paper display technology.
The team\'s presentation at the meeting focused on how to bend the display in various ways to control the functionality of the device.
Vertegaal says the prototype has limited functionality and it will take hundreds of millions of dollars to realize the idea by commercializing it.
The prototype provides a super for the next generation
More paper-thin and flexible than bulky laptops.
We can open the electronic paper, send the email and stack it up like a piece of paper, not windows on the computer screen.
\"This will change everything,\" Vertegaal said . \".
\"It will change the way we use computers.
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