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\'ireland? it\'s a great country for a criminal\'

by:Top-In     2020-08-08
The recent murder of Lithuanian gangster Gintaras Zelvys in Co Rathcoole, Dublin further demonstrates that from organized begging to hi-tech crime.
Gardai said they were attracted by the fact that the criminals here considered a very loose judicial system and the risk of being caught was low.
Zelvys is considered a major criminal.
A year ago, he was released after seven years in prison.
A one-year term in Monahan and other counties to extort money from innocent Lithuania.
On 2008, he was also sentenced to four months in prison for attacking a female garda in northern Dublin.
Before coming here, he escaped from a prison in Lithuania where he was sentenced to prison for rape.
Zelvys has also made profitable deals by smuggling mobile phones and other contraband into Portlaoise prison, where he is associated with criminals in Dublin.
When he was imprisoned in 2007, he lived in selbridge, cokildale, and was driving a Mercedes CLS worth 85,000 euros.
Galdai believes Selvas was killed by the other Lithuanian mafia.
Ireland is a destination for foreign criminals. Last year, Ireland was found in Dublin after it arrested three Nigerian nationals. A member of an organized mobile phone theft and drug smuggling organization.
Gardai checked the phones of the three arrested persons, one of whom found a text message sent to a colleague in Nigeria.
It says, \"come to Ireland.
This is an original country.
There is a lot of money to earn.
\"The theft and export of expensive smartphones is more than one
There are millions of industries here.
Last month, gardai released a report calling on people to record the IMEI number on their phones so they can contact their suppliers to prevent the phone from being used in Ireland.
They revealed that 8,000 mobile phones were stolen in the first six months of last year.
However, this number does not include the number of calls that are reported to have been lost but may have been stolen.
The number of stolen mobile phones may be much higher, up to tens of thousands.
The Carphone Warehouse reported in 2011 that it received an average of 380 lost or stolen mobile phones per week and about 20,000 units per year.
From the industrial scale, bars and cafes across the country steal telephones and foreign criminals are heavily involved, galdai said.
Young people are stupid.
They put their phones on the bar and on the table, and the young woman opened the handbag.
They expect the robbers to clean up the places from bars to cafes.
\"Most young people don\'t even know that their phones have been robbed and only report that they have been lost,\" said one garda . \".
He added that Ireland has been the preferred destination for foreign criminals for many years and that galdai has not seen any permission --Rise in the trend.
\"They came here in droves.
Why don\'t they? This is a great country for a criminal.
\"The Lithuanian man was murdered in the West Dublin industrial zone two weeks ago, and the prime time investigation by RTE illuminated the industry-
Two-scale theft
Handmade clothing from recycling banks across the country by Irish charities.
Prime time also highlighted the established scam of handing out leaflets to householders with fake charity flyers.
Of the few cases in which clothing thieves were prosecuted to the court, none led to imprisonment, but only to small fines and orders under the Criminal Code.
Gardai will contrast the lenient treatment of foreign criminals with the number of more than 400,000 drivers per yearthe-spot fines.
The court is packed with people who are unwilling or unable to pay a traffic fine.
Two years ago, with the introduction of new anti-corruption measures, the government should stop organized begging.
Legal challenges to the High Court have frustrated begging legislation.
Young Roma women beggars are often talented pickpockets, Gardai said, returning to the streets in large numbers.
Male members of Roma gypsy gangs are often involved in a variety of thefts, ranging from skimming at ATMs to shoplifting and stealing scrap metal.
Recently, gardai arrested three Roma using tin paper.
In Dublin\'s stores, bags lined up are used to counter-label safety and steal clothes.
The men carry clothing worth an estimated 15,000 euros.
There were more similar clothes in their car, and in a house raided by gardai, they found stolen clothes worth 30,000 euros.
Two weeks ago, the galdai in Dublin showed stolen mobile phones, jewelry, clothing and other items found in Aladdin\'s cave during a raid on a house in northern Dublin. In the mid-
Organized foreign gangs target factory machinery, cars and marine equipment.
A well-organized gang is believed to include the former
Over the past four years, soldiers in the Baltic States have been searching for ports and docks, stealing marine equipment, everything from gasoline containers to outboard motors and inflatable boats.
Scouts disguised as tourists visit the port, gardai believes that they will record the location on GPS and then hand it over to the team with engineering experience who will steal the equipment.
The equipment was collected and exported to the growing and unregulated leisure boating market in Eastern Europe.
Other gangs are involved in high theft and destruction-value cars.
These gangs have electronic devices that replicate key signals, allowing them to turn on the car.
Then, when they drive to the mechanic to remove the yard of the car, they use the GSM/cell phone jammers to stop the satellite from tracking the signal.
The gangs are believed to be part of a major network that involves exporting damaged cars from the UK to Eastern Europe, where they are repaired and returned to the UK for sale.
Criminals in Vietnam and China are behind the marijuana network.
Houses across the country, which has been the subject of much publicity in recent years.
They chose Ireland, Gardai said, especially because our right to automatically get bail means it\'s just a fee to get caught.
Men and women who take care of these plants usually owe debts to gangs, are actually slaves, and are treated as one-off by gangs.
Eastern European gangs have also introduced new technologies to Ireland to help them rob businesses across the country.
Three years ago, gardai found out that they also used mobile phone spam.
Pass alarm system using land and mobile devices (GSM)
Communication of alarm-
Monitoring station.
These spammers, which can now be used on the Internet, have actually made Ireland\'s 400,000 alarm systems that rely on GSM signals redundant. One gang of ex-
Army from Kosovo and Afghanistan at 18-
Monthly looting spree in the south and south
In the eastern part of the country in 2010.
They use spam to block alarm signals in dozens of late nightsNight robbery
Gangs in the Baltic states are also former
The military is also using the same technology to rob businesses across the country.
These forms of robbery have become so prevalent that insurance companies have been advising customers that they must change their alarms to make them less vulnerable.
A Dublin security company believes that the threat of GSM interceptors is increasing so much that it has returned to the old version
Radio signal.
Derek Mooney, director of operations security services in Dublin, said the arrival and spread of GSM interceptors led his company to launch for a long time
The radio signal in its alarm system.
He said: \"It was Eastern European people who brought these spam here, the first time they were discovered in 2011.
We are aware of the need to fight back.
In Ireland, GSM is used by the vast majority of alarm devices, and they are vulnerable.
\"What started using them was very complex Eastern European gangs, but our own bandits have started using them, and now they are used all over the country.
Insurance companies are guiding the upgrading of large retail companies and shopping malls.
\"The Minister of Justice has the right to expel persons deemed to be\" acting in a manner that endangers public order or security \", including EU citizens.
However, having a criminal record is not in itself a reason to be asked to leave.
However, gardai and legal sources say there seems to be relatively little effort to detect and expel serious foreign offenders.
Most of the people facing expulsion appealed to the high court, and there were no known criminal convictions here or abroad.
In the past two years, cases before the immigration court included a Ahmadi Muslim woman from Pakistan who received a master\'s degree in economics and a young Nigerian woman who studied accounting in Dublin, she is considered to have violated her asylum conditions because she has a parttime job.
Sources say \"professional\" foreign criminals continue to commit crimes after being released on bail and only leave when the court has been delayed for many years before they finally face imprisonment.
At this point, they moved to another EU country where they were free to come back when they felt safe, usually with a new identity.
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