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is dry food the healthiest option for my dog?

by:Top-In     2020-01-26
None of the dog owners wanted their loyal companions to suffer unhealthy digestion.
Here\'s an introductory guide on how to make sure your dog gets the right diet.
Dry food is very popular.
Is it better for my dog than wet food? No.
Neither of these types is \"better\" and both have pros and cons.
Read the ingredients and make sure that no matter what you feed your dog to eat, it has a nutritional mix that suits your pet.
How do I judge if a product has all the nutrients my dog needs?
\"Look for the word\" balance \"or\" complete \"on the label-meaning your dog gets the right combination of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, and the world\'s pet at home, Dr. Mayfair.
Many of the top recipes contain a high proportion of protein, such as lamb, turkey or salmon, and some also contain ingredients with special effects, including omega-
3 fatty acids that help to support the shiny coating and amino glucose that helps to support the flexible joint.
So how do I choose between wet and dry?
Both wet and dry foods have their own benefits.
Wet food is easier to eat for newly weaned puppies, and picky people may feel that wet food is more tempting because it smells delicious.
But it can be bulky to store and need fresh food, and if you choose wet food, you need to make sure to brush your teeth every day to prevent dental diseases.
Dry food usually has a longer shelf life and can be accurately measured to maintain the healthy weight of the dog.
These foods can also help you keep your dog\'s teeth clean.
Maeve explains: \"There are also wet recipes and dry recipes that can be mixed together to suit your dog at a critical stage of life;
\"Including protein --
Rich puppy recipes, as well as lower recipes
The calorie variety of less active older dogs.
\"If I choose dry food, can I give my dog a larger portion? No.
All complete or balanced dog food recipes should be provided in a specific portion size to match the weight of your dog.
Check the labels carefully to find out how much food your dog needs, and the typical portion size or weight.
If I find a brand that sounds better, can I change the feed for my dog?
Yes, but be careful to make any quick changes or your dog will not be able to digest well.
Maeve suggested: \"By making new food a small part of the dog\'s daily allowance, gradually make any changes within a week to 10 days, and then, gradually, increase the proportion of new food to old food every day.
There are so many choices.
Where can I go for advice?
At the family store, you will find a lot of different dog food on local pets.
Nutrition Consultants can explain what the feeding guide means on dog food packaging, and each store also has its own set of scales that allow dogs to weigh instantlyin.
Once you know the weight of your dog, you can prepare the perfect diet for your pet.
The largest pet goods store in the UK is a pet at home.
From toys and bedding to custom food
Store veterinary clinic, it is the first place to meet the needs of any pet.
Book a free nutrition consultation for your nearest pet at the family store visitpetsathome.
Ask for more details in the store.
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