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Is it difficult for you to face your dentist because

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You will find digital X rays in some dental care clinics or offices which are now replacing the traditional radiographs due to their flexible use and quick results. However, digital X ray machines are in the market from quite a few years but they gain popularity with the dental care profession in recent years due to their faster output rate and efficiency than the conventional radiograph machines. The process of taking x ray through digital machine is quite simple, initially a sensor is placed inside the mouth to take the image then this captured digital image is transferred to the computer attached to it in order to view it. In the traditional machine film was used to take the picture and the process was time taking than the new digital x ray machine. The images during the treatment process can be stored to have a record of the oral condition which can be used later to compare the older and the newer conditions of the teeth to analyze the success rate. It is seen that the electronic sensor is sensitive to x rays more than the old film so the radiation dose is minimized for the new digital machine. These are used to find cavities, checking the bone level to support the teeth and checking the right placement area for the dental implant. The next thing is the use of laser to detect tooth cavity. Previously there was a device used by dentists to detect any cavities called explorer. But now majority of the dentists are moving towards diode laser which is a higher tech instrument to detect and remove cavities in the mouth. It lights the decaying teeth on the reader panel of the machine and stay smooth on the healthy teeth. It also detect pockets of bacteria inside the oral cavity. The other thing is the CAD/CAM technology which is used to by dental care center for the procedures of bridges and crowns of the teeth. For crowing purpose the dentist creates a temporary crown on teeth until the perfectly designed crown from the lab by using CAD/CAM doesn't come. Good school of dental is offering CAD/CAM courses in their curriculum with practical training experience as well. Advances in the dental implant procedure are also in with the help of new technology making the procedure much easier than before. Now almost every prestigious medical college has added the latest technology procedures for the dental implant in their course work or libraries for research purpose. Students graduating from college of dental sciences in recent years are now making progress at a rapid pace due to new technology knowledge.
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