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it is up to people to bring about change

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
Someone is talking about the disgusting garbage problem.
Contempt was expressed for the city\'s poor garbage management, especially during the festival.
But no one seems to be aware of the root cause of the problem. We, the people. Take shopping.
In a leading store, shirts and dhotis were removed.
Each purchase has its own plastic sleeve.
Then put it in a cardboard box and put another plastic bag.
Then the whole thing was handed over to the shopper with a bag!
While the first layer of plastic is a necessary condition to prevent clothes from getting dirty, what is the necessity of the box and another plastic bag?
It can be easily placed in a cloth bag.
The sales manager of the showroom agreed that the plastic bag was redundant.
However, it is maintained that he added this very quickly.
Every thing they buy is a separate plastic bag.
He said it was for customers to refuse plastic bags.
However, the owner of a leading textile showroom at Cross Cut Road believes that this year\'s number is less compared to 2012 and 2013.
This is because although the cost of the bag is slightly higher, the bag is replaced by the bag.
He is sure that plastic will disappear if people make up their minds.
The same is true of restaurants.
Packaging can sometimes be the medium of their brand.
And, they say, customers find it not fashionable to walk in with their own ships.
Even discounts don\'t work.
\"Even today, we will pack the food on the leaves of the plantain and wrap it in newspaper paper to avoid using plastic containers that cost us a lot.
But the packaging is looked down upon, \"said Tamizh Selvan, who runs chaos at Ramanathapuram. B.
The same goes for Unni Krishnan, who runs a restaurant on timucci Road.
\"We introduced silver foil in place of plastic containers, but for packaging sambar, chutney, and kuruma, there is no other option than plastic bags.
As for the others, we use plastic containers because customers rarely bring their own ships.
Keeping a dedicated carrier for regular customers is an idea the restaurant is considering.
He added: \"Although the cost of the packaging material was passed on to the customer, it turned out to be very expensive.
In many supermarkets, staff try to inspire customers.
Some shoppers refuse to see the feeling.
Recently, a lady pushed her shopping cart to the delivery counter and the clerk offered to pack her shopping items into cartons.
But the woman refused. She put 10 plastic bags in the car instead of one or two cartons.
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