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it turns out the packaging our fast food is served in is terrible for us too

by:Top-In     2020-01-27
Look, I don\'t want to interrupt anyone\'s food. based fun.
I don\'t want you to put a chip in the middle. bite.
I don\'t want you to give up that mozzarella cheese stick.
You should get good things and the terrible food is good.
But I have to tell you this. I’m sorry.
But it\'s for your own good.
We all know that fast food is absolutely terrible for us and is slowly destroying our hearts.
But now a new study shows that it\'s not just burgers that make our bodies crap.
This is also the package they received.
The study, published in the journal, pointed out that because many fast food packages are designed to reject grease and grease (
This way, your burger box won\'t get wet and will not leak grease until you have a bite of rice)
It usually contains synthetic chemicals that may harm your health.
Fluorine-containing compounds used to reject grease, known as PFASs, can pollute the food, which means that you consume them without a box that actually eats the food.
This is a bit scary because these chemicals are related to increased cancer risk, infertility, and high cholesterol.
These oils contain a lot of takeout.
Reject the box, which means that a lot of unhealthy things we eat are in contact with harmful chemicals.
Researchers collected about 400 food packaging samples from fast food restaurants across the United States. S.
It was found that 46% of the wrapping paper, 20% of the carton, 38% of the sandwich and hamburger wrapping paper contained fluorine.
The worst takeaway package found was dessert and bread wrapping paper, with 56% showing detectable flour content.
Essentially, it all means we don\'t have to worry about the junk food we\'re slowly eating that will kill us.
We must also feel sorry for its packaging.
There are several options to deal with this horror.
First, you can stop eating fast food.
We don\'t think this will happen.
Or, when you go for fast food, you can ask to give it to you without packing.
We know that the staff at the restaurant will look at you a bit strangely as they place the burger directly in your hand or in the Tupperware box, but if it helps your health, it may be worth it --wise.
In addition, you are protecting the environment. Well done, you.
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