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'Killers' is a romantic/action comedy that was

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Jennifer 'Jen' Kornfeldt, played by Katherine Heigel, takes her vacation to Nice, France with her parents (Tom Selleck and Catherine O'Hara). In the hotel she meets an attractive young man, Spencer Aimes (Ashton Kutcher) who was waiting to get onto the elevator. It is an innocent meeting but Spencer's purpose in Nice is anything but innocent. Spencer works as a contract assassin for the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.). He is in France on a mission to kill someone who has been supplying information to America's enemies. He competes his mission but at the same time, he is drawn to Jen and the 'normal' life that he never experienced. Recruited out of college with no close relatives, up until this point he had been living the James Bond life. After meeting Jen, however, he realizes that his life is empty and devoid of meaning. Determining to leave his life behind and start afresh, he tells his boss Holbrook that Nice was his last assignment. Holbrook did not take it very well. Cut to three years later. Spencer and Jen are married, with the reluctant blessings of her father. Mr. Kornfeldt is a former pilot with a highly logical mind who doesn't mind telling people exactly what they are doing wrong and how to do it correctly. Mrs. Kornfeldt is an attractive, loving mother who likes her cocktails early, strong, and often. She seems to have a buzz for the entire movie but doesn't lose anything in the process. Spencer now owns his own construction company and is doing well in the private sector. Jen is making progress at her job and is asked to go San Francisco to speak at a seminar. For Spencer's upcoming birthday Jen surprises him with open tickets for Nice. She wants to relive their romantic meeting in France. Spencer is reluctant to go back to the place of his last assignment and convinces her to stay at home. Her friends at work tell her that this may be because he is getting bored with their relationship. Spencer receives a package at work from his former boss Holbrook. He calls Holbrook at a local hotel and refuses to perform another job for him. His father-in-law walks into his office and sees the postcard from his boss and quizzes him on it. He wriggles out of the conversation and accompanies him back to his house to change clothes for dinner. At home he walks into a surprise birthday party that Jen had arranged. That evening and the next morning Spencer was particularly cautious as he was concerned about reprisal from his ex-boss. As Spencer hurried Jen off to the airport, his friend and co-worker Henry, who had gotten drunk and slept over the night before, got a call on his cell phone. He then proceeded to try to kill Spencer to collect a $20 million bounty on his head. Jen walks in while they are fighting and after fetching Spencer's pistol from upstairs, shoots Henry in the arm. After Henry is tied up and they start to discuss whats going on, a sniper fires at Spencer and the flee in his truck. Henry gets loose and chases them through their subdivision, ending the chase at the construction site of Spencer's latest job. After the chase ends with the death of Henry, they go to the hotel from which Holbrook had called. When they arrive they find that he had been killed and something had been taken. Jen gets sick and she suspects that she may be pregnant. They go to Spencer's office to find out if Henry's computer might harbor information they can use (it does) and Jen uses a pregnancy test to find out that she is indeed pregnant. While she is in the restroom Spencer is attacked by another employee. When they go back to their home they are attacked again by neighbors and the movie ends with a surprise. It turns out that the person that Spencer was supposed to kill in Nice in the beginning of the movie was actually Jen's father. He became suspicious when he saw Spencer in the hotel and did not make the rendezvous where he was supposed to die. He had been watching Spencer in his new life and when he saw the postcard from Holbrook thought that he had been targeted again so he activated the bounty on Spencer. In the end, they reconcile and bond as a family. After the baby is born the father and grandfather work together to create a high tech baby room complete with a laser detection system. My Recommendation Okay, the story is contrived and a weak takeoff on 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. But come on, it stars Katherine Heigl, Ashton Kutcher, and Tom Selleck. I was thrilled to see Tom Selleck in a mainstream film and what guy doesn't like to see Katherine Heigl when she's knocked up. The story may be kind of lame but the actors are great, so I enjoyed the film despite the bad ratings from the critics. It won't rock your world but you will walk away feeling pretty good. There are a few good lines from Spencer that are actually good advice regarding how men should treat women. At least that's what my wife said as we watched it together. Personally I liked the talk about Tom Selleck's moustache and how it reminded me of his time on the TV show 'Friends'. Bottom line, go ahead and watch it on DVD or online and have a good time. Don't expect it to be a great movie but one that you can watch again and again over the years.
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