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making cookie dough.

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Coffee or biscuits, which one comes first?
There is a scene here.
Same old honey
Sweet cardamom vanilla cookies, famous goat breeder Kaldi, are looking for a new snack that greedily bites into the mysterious red berries of the wild finca in his backyard.
The truth is that no matter what happens in this situation, cookies of any kind are the perfect companion to soak or chew with coffee and tea.
Before biscotti, donuts, and before the CookieMonster on Sesame Street introduced the senior chairman to the chocolate chip variety, there were cookies baked by grandmothers of various cultures.
No cookies, where is our favorite drink, coffee and tea party?
This is a perfect lift for freshly brewed coffee or tea.
For retailers looking for new, delicious, unique things to add to their portfolio, we interviewed eight manufacturers/distributors.
The cookies sold by the people interviewed are different, all for the high-end market.
In order to introduce you to these products, we will briefly introduce the products and then introduce the packaging, sales and ordering information.
For samples and orders, please refer to our \"Cookie locator\" for the address and phone number \".
All products are sold to North America and are sold worldwide.
We will start from the south and discuss each issue by geographical location.
There is also a concern: Although several companies interviewed carry cookies and scones in their portfolio, we think retailers already have enough information about these products
In South Georgia, there is a cotton growing area called DeSoto. B.
Carlan created a successful company with their famous \"crickles\" recipe.
\"If you like the crispy taste of peanuts, but if you eat the crispy peanuts, you will bite your teeth and you will like the crispy teeth --
Friendly coffee.
The taste of peanut crispy without hardness, plus the real coffee taste, crickle is a good alternative to traditional biscuits.
The Karan people also sell food known as clusters and report that coffee or tea is delicious.
There are six flavors for Crickles and Clusters.
In addition to their coffee flavor, there are spices, sweets
Pecans and peanuts coated.
All products are handmade.
No additives or preservatives.
Nancy Karan reports that the sealed shelf life of clear, laminated packaging and the unlimited view that consumers see the product is a sales advantage.
For holidays, transparent red or gold foil packaging can be provided, but no package is blank for a specific holiday.
The minimum open order is $100, but the open wholesale is $200, and customers can get a pound of each product for sampling for free.
Products range from $ to $. 50to $12.
Each 50, packed in several different shell sizes.
You can order directly or through a dealer.
Long before the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and the subsequent movie release, it became good --
As we all know, Byrd Cookie Co.
They are baking their famous Key lime cooler and Benne Bits.
Recently, byrd acquired Atlanta-Based on Seckinger-
Li biscuits expanded its product line, including five biscuits
Sample dessert with their ninesweet and shortbread cookies that include League cannon balls.
ByrdBasics is a new collection that offers a range of jams from Savannah Green pepper jelly to black bean salsa sauce.
Commenting on their new preservation collection, Dee suttlive said PeachButter, fresh peach jam and fresh fig jam are traditional essentials for breakfast coffee and tea time.
This 6 inch square tin box is in color packaging and is the signature packaging of Byrd. Tinsare vacuum-
Seal, ensure six
Monthly shelf life.
Byr d\'sdistinct, brightly colored jars are designed for space
Realize the horizontalor stand upstore displays.
The packaging of Byrd Basics is designed to supplement Byrd tins for failure
Presentation and gift presentation.
Seckinger, one of the official sponsors of 1996 Olympic Games-Lee, is well-
Known for its elegant style and quality products.
Their delicate packaging reflects the upscale nature of their products.
Besides this year-
Byrd has specially designed the round colored stripe series with themes including Hanukkah, happy holidays and peace on Earth.
The food is biting.
Size, which makes them a convenient size to fit a tea tray.
Minimum order is a product case for cookies.
For ByrdBasics, the minimum order is about $100.
Sample allocation, supplier presentations, premium customer service counter cards, and trade show specials are also available.
The price is from $1. 95 each to$104.
40 cases per case depending on product, packaging type and case size.
Byrd biscuits contain about 40-per 7 ounces of tin-50bite-sized cookies.
Another company that sells \"bite size\" is a spotless consumer company located in Flat Rock, North Carolina.
MOJOs is their signature product.
These delightful square bites
The chocolate is covered with crispy cakes of the size.
Although the tin label says chocolate
Covered with cookies, MOJOS reminds people of the taste of chocolate
Honey comb.
They crunch easily and melt in your partner\'s mouth with coffee.
\"Fat is also very low,\" reports ScottBlackwell . \".
According to Blackwell, in addition to MOJOS, other cooking methods include chocolate blocks (dark chocolate)
Baked almond cinnamon slices, cranberry sugar cookies and traditional cookies.
There is also a mix of scones.
Blackwell believes that the aroma of Assam tea is particularly pleasant.
Blackwell encourages retailers to collaborate on coffee and desserts.
He suggested linking specific cooking to specific coffee (
They also sell roasted coffee).
For example, he explains why Mohos is best to drink coffee, because your mouth temperature rises with hot drinks, and the cocoa butter content in the coating is so high that it will be in you
It still has a crispy center that can absorb some moisture.
The tea was a little lighter, he said, so cranberry sugar cookies worked well.
If retailers do so, he continues, it will keep them away from supermarkets and make customers more loyal to their brands.
With regard to packaging, Blackwell reports that their goal is to create a feeling of the South without a traditional grid and a rural image. \"We use self-
For our packaging professors, original, native folk art, and creating a new way for food.
This unique approach has been recognized and received a lot of attention.
People will be surprised when they open our product packaging and try it.
\"They were surprised by the look and taste of it,\" he said . \".
Everything was packed in a mylar membrane bag before it was packed into a finished package.
All products are handmade.
The company is making holiday labels and gift boxes.
Products range from $ to $. 99 eachto $7.
The price of a large can of Mohos is 85.
Order directly from clean consumption.
Rack cards provide information about companies, products and packaging.
They also provided a brochure on coffee.
In Little Rock, Arkansas, Brent and Sam\'s Jenny Heron suggested a double bite for their oatmeal raisins.
The size cookies are perfect for a cup of your favorite coffee.
Oatmeal raisins are one of six homemade cookies from Brent and Sam.
Other white chocolate macadamia nuts.
A new KeyLime white chocolate, chocolate chip pecan, chocolate chip without nuts and Toffee pecan.
The package is similar to a traditional apartment.
Lunch bag at the bottom, let you see homemade cookies directly from mom\'s oven.
John Merck reports that these products can be obtained directly or through distributors with a minimum order of two boxes (
When ordering directly).
There are 22 cookies or 2 in a 7 oz bag.
5 oz pack 6-8 cookies.
A 20-ounce tin packed 60 biscuits in three silver bags.
Merck also said that since the company does not use the addition of preservatives, the inner bag is metal during the long-term shelf life.
Festival supplies for Theystock.
There is also a two-ounce bag, positionedof-sale.
An example of their pricing is $22.
There are 12 7 cabinets, 80 per box, or $1. 90 each.
Products are available all over the country and Japan.
Promotional materials include counter display and shipper (
Pack 36 7 oz bags)
Flyers and shop window signs.
Freedom in 25 or more cases.
Delicious sandwich-
Cookies in style, called Walton gulme cookies
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas.
Ms. Walton\' s cookies produce six flavors of thin, creamy chocolate, Europe-
Wafer cookies and three flavors of brunko Bobi cookies.
According to co-
Owner Mary Allison is the perfect companion for a cup of coffee, tea or any hot drink.
Natural made in the United StatesS.
Fresh guaranteed.
10 year invitation package
5 ounces, 5 ounces, 2 ounces. 5 ounce, and 1. 2 oz.
Show attractive photos of LadyWalton cookies.
The company\'s latest products include:
A package of three flavors is offered: creamy dark chocolate, white chocolate amareto and white chocolate raspberry.
Perfect for coffee shops, gift baskets and point-of-sale.
Brown Bob\'s cookies and coffee capture the look and taste of the Western United States.
Mrs. Walton\'s company is the only one in the United States. S.
Made of ChocolateFull Europe-
Wafer cookies.
Wholesale prices from $.
$49 to $3 per piece. 95 a piece.
The product is packed from one box to 24 boxes.
Special medlar packaging is used to extend the shelf life.
Canned holiday gifts are available with starterkit and special discounts.
Ms. Walton is on international ships;
Retailers can order directly.
Private labeling procedures are also provided.
Remember the \"twists and turns\" mentioned in the introduction?
Specifically, this cookie is known as the French twist and can be obtained from sources in San Diego, California.
Other pastries and cooking include the hand of Barry and the delicious food of Gavin.
According to Steve Weiner, both coffee and tea are great.
In fact, according to weiner, coffee and tea seem to raise the appreciation of the product.
After drinking hot drinks, I ate the supplementary food slowly.
For us, it means delicious cinnamon sweetness and fruit flavors explode in the consumer\'s mouth, he said.
Customers can order directly or through a dealer.
Procurement throughout the United States. S.
Canada, Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines.
The minimum order is \"retailer friendly\" for $50 \".
Weiner said he would ship a smaller order at a $5 handling fee if the customer wanted.
As with packaging, prices vary depending on size and product.
Custom packaging orders are available when needed.
\"For cases where a single piece sale needs to be packaged, we will package the product separately.
We offer multiple packages of exquisite boxes and bags.
In each case, the packaging is professionalappealing.
\"We don\'t offer standard holiday packages, but our custom packages meet specific customer needs,\" Weiner said . \".
The package is in bulk, packed separately, in a gourmet box and in a stylish bag.
Customer support includes signage, display baskets and display cabinets.
The product has low fat content, no eggs, no cholesterol, no butter, no yeast and low sodium content.
\"We received a thank-you letter from people who finally found a range of products that they could use in a particular diet,\" Weiner admitted . \".
\"The products we offer bring long-lasting loyalty --
The term \"customer base\", no loss due to the huge hold-off period can reduce profits.
The result is high sales and profits.
No shipping charge for Aminimum orders.
\"Moving north, when it\'s cold in New York, it\'s always hot at lugrahe in Erika.
In fact, Erica\'s bakery is hot all year round, baking a variety of fresh cookies and pastries with fresh natural ingredients.
You can find Erica Carrick at her Brooklyn bakery.
Roll up these delicious foods to make sure that each one has a proper mix of walnuts, Curry, spices and fruit jam.
Kalick said, \"the machine for the burrito rugelach cannot accommodate larger minimum processed ingredients, so many companies choose to exclude critical ingredients at all.
That\'s why luglatch of Erica started the old one.
Made of sweet AA butter and cream cheese dough.
Her ingredients include unbleached flour, quality nuts and fruits
The Netherlands imports natural foods such as cocoa and Belgian chocolate.
All products are kosher dairy products certified by tablet K supervision.
Unique range of premium products including traditional and gourmet, Coconut Macaron, hamanteshen (
Candy filled with fruit)
Cookies, shortbread, bread cake, brownie cake, fruit shop, pie and pie.
When asked about the products she recommended for coffee and tea, Kalick replied, \"chocolate and cinnamon products such as rugelach, Brownie and macaron are best matched with coffee.
Egg tarts, plain shortbread and hamantsen are the best for tea.
Kalick stressed, \"Did she think heat or fat content was a problem when producing the product.
Indulgence, indulgence, indulgence.
Kalick pointed out that the salty and sweet taste of coffee and tea is an important factor.
She pointed out: \"It\'s an excellent Frenchroast scream for chocolate, while Jasmine or herbal tea has gorgeous and fruity colors, which are linked to simple butter cookies and fruits
During the holidays, the company will \"dress up\" the package with a red ribbon.
The label for Erica is handwritten.
Painted by an artist depicting fresh fruits, nuts and flowers.
Price from $5-
$8 per pound, sold in bulk or directly from Erica.
Minimum order is $75 and free shipping for orders over $500.
The first order for seven pallets is eligible for the eighth pallet.
Press the clip, in-
Store demos and samples are also provided.
There is melt and Baking Co. , Ltd on the top of Erica.
Actively support child advocacy projects and various fund-raising efforts related to women\'s health issues.
Long ago, before the cafe became popular,
Ice in most towns
In the cream shop, there is a pile of long cardboard containers with the label \"sweetheart\" hanging on them with cones.
\"Those delicious, fast-melting cones were made by Yohay Baking Co.
Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York.
Today, Yohay has turned their waffling expertise into a complete product line that includes wafer rolls, caramel wafer chips, cookie spoons, cooking straws, teapot cookies, rugel
Cookies in the shape of the biscuit, biscuit plate, gold biscuit and cigar wafer biscuit.
\"All of our products are paired with coffee or tea, but teapot biscuits are definitely suitable for the tea market,\" Marty Rogoff reported . \".
Yohay\'s price list records the best supplementary items for coffee or tea.
Commenting on a wide variety of cookies, Rogoff noted that \"coffee can absorb a variety of flavors and a variety of biscuits, while tea tends more to light flavors and more fruits --Related flavors.
\"There is also a fat --
Free route for Biscottifor dieters.
The minimum order is $100, shipped directly from international shipping companies and distributors across the United StatesS.
The product can be packed in bulk, in a single package, in a jar or in a gift package.
List item by item from $. 10 up to $. 50 each.
Gift package price from $1-$3.
Small round label for holidays
There are also specific.
These 2 1/4 tabs are removable in color-
It becomes more convenient to set up special packaging for holidays and special occasions.
Rogoff notes that the difference with Yohay is that there are no other manufacturers that bake cookies of a specific shape, which makes these products unique in terms of concept and excellent impulse sales.
Acrylic display makes it easy for retailers to set up a small bakery display for long shelf life and cookies.
The display is compact, modular and can be stacked and moved.
Acrylic display, signage, labels and sales guide are available for free.
Special discounts are offered when ordering products with acrylic display.
In addition to coffee and tea trade, Yohay offers a range of products, restaurants, catering services and gift basket packaging.
This year, Yohay celebrates their half-century mark of providing quality products in the field of professional baking.
The information provided is to stir up your desire to try something new and unique.
Use these products to help your store differentiate by offering unique, high-quality products.
If your store is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, consider ordering products from the South;
If you\'re in Montana, try it.
Other parts of the country.
Maybe there is a local bakery in your area with a special recipe.
Contact the owner to create a private label for you.
Cookies become great dough when the mix is right!
The writer sampled all the products reviewed in this article and fully demonstrated a common feature: you can\'t just test one!
LOCATORBrent & Sam\'s cookies.
Arkansas Little Rock quartet Road 7825, 72209 Contact Phone :(1)(800)825-1613 or (1)(501)562-
4300 Contact: John merckbyrd Cookie Co.
6700 waters AvenueO.
Contact number: (Box 13086 savanna, Georgia31406)1)(800)291-2973 or (1)(912)355-
1716 Contact: candy and nuts by Di SutliveDeSoto. P. O.
Des43, Georgia :(1)(912)874-
1200 Contact: Rugelach & Baking Co, Nancy CarlanErica.
389, 11215 Brooklyn Fourth Street, New York :(1)(718)965-
3657 Contact: KalickImmaculate, Erika consumes 2800 Greenville Highway. P. O.
Box 299 flat stone, 28731, North Carolina Tel :(1)(704)696-
1655 Contact: Scott Blackwell Walton gourmet cookies Ltd.
25 Dallas, TX, 211 Highland Park Village, 75205 Tel :(1)(800)552-8006 or (1)(214)630-
9101 Contact: Dr. Mary Alizon Walton Fred AlfordThe source 6861 C Nancy rich.
San Diego, California :(1)(619)535-
0174 Contact: Steve WeinerYohay Baking Co. , Ltd. , Inc.
11205, 75 Brooklyn Avenue, New York :(1)(800)255-9642 or (1)(718)857-
4514 Contact: Marty RogoffSuzanne J.
Brown is the president/owner of SJB Associates, a market consulting business based in Atlanta, Georgia.
She specializes in projects in the coffee/tea industry and can be reached by phone :(1)(770)988-8811, Fax: (1)(770)988-0087, E-
Email: Browns Suz @ worldnetatt. net.
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