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making india’s polluters pay

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When the center published the plastic waste management (PWM)
One of the key elements of the 2016 rule is \"extended producer responsibility\" or EPR.
The idea of the EPR is to have the polluters pay.
Therefore, all sellers of plastic packaging must install a waste collection system within six months.
After two years of confusion about how the EPR will operate, experts say the company is finally starting to take the first step.
This is a small start, not enough issues to make progress on the annual month of plastic waste-
9 million tons (CPCB estimates).
Only about 45 companies have submitted the EPR plan to the Central Pollution Control Commission (CPCB)
According to S. , although the total number of these companies has reached thousandsK.
Nigeria, node officer of the board of directors PWM.
But there\'s also good news-
In the past year, the CPCB has begun to collect EPR waste
Restore target.
In addition, it has begun to list the organization of producer responsibility (PROs)
Manufacturers can outsource their obligations to whom.
These efforts have contributed to recycling.
Richa Agarwal, research assistant to the waste management team at the Delhi Center for Science and Environment, said, \"things look positive . \".
\"Work on the EPR has already started, but there is still a long way to go.
\"The survey of 20 companies randomly contacted by Hindus reflects this situation (See boxes).
All 11 companies that responded to the survey claimed to have recycling plans, although they did not share the numbers.
There are only a few people sharing numbers --
Scale or pilot projects.
But in the next decade, almost everyone has the goal of reducing plastic consumption and increasing recycling.
The concept of EPR is essential for waste management.
Today, the recycling sector in India is mostly informal and consists of pickers and kabadiwallahs.
With little help from the municipalities, they were able to recover nearly 80% of a plastic called polybendiester (PET).
But the system is still inefficient, estimated 7-
9 million tons of plastic were not received in the informal sector.
This includes multi-layer packaging (MLP)
Because it can\'t be recycled, it won\'t bring much money to the pickers.
The reason why the EPR is here is because companies can motivate these workers to recycle 100% of their waste, including MLPs, said Pinky Chandran, trustee of Hasiru Dala, a Bangladesh-based waste pickers cooperative.
They can also help the pickers upgrade their technology.
For example, those who run dry
Waste collection center (DWCC)
Usually a baler is required to pack the plastic tightly.
These packages can then be shipped to the waste. to-energy plants.
This machine can be provided under EPR.
However, things have not gone smoothly since the federal Department of Environment and Forest notified the PWM rules.
These rules refer to the EPR and require \"manufacturers, importers and brand owners\" of plastic packaging to develop a system model for recycling waste.
But they left room for ambiguity.
For example, it is not clear who is responsible for the waste: is it the manufacturer of plastic film? Is it a company that buys plastic film to make packaging? Or the last brand to sell packaging?
There are other sources of confusion.
Article 2016 requires companies to register their EPR plans with the State Pollution Control Commission.
But this means that companies with operations in multiple states must register in multiple states.
P. said that this ambiguity resulted in several delays in the implementation of the rulesC.
Joshi, secretary general of clean environment of PET Packaging Association, is an industry organization for pet manufacturers.
This makes it a difficult task to submit an EPR plan.
\"It\'s almost like complying with the GST . \"Joshi added.
Therefore, not much has happened in the year after the notification rule.
Then, on 2018, the ministry published an amendment to the PWM, clarifying the registration process.
It also began to recognize professionals on its website.
These organizations are waste management experts who will perform EPR on behalf of the brand.
So far, only five such professionals have been listed on the CPCB website
Pollution Control Association of India (IPCA)
GEM Management, NEPRA resource Management, Nepra environmental solutions, and the Shakti plastic industry.
There are a few more applications, Dr. Nigam.
Brands such as Pepsi, dabble and Colgate are also starting to use their services.
Another major change this year is that the CPCB is starting to set targets for waste
Recovery, something that didn\'t exist before.
Each company submitting an EPR plan must now recover 20% of the MLP it produces within one year and 100% within three years.
Of course, these rules are only well enforced.
So far, only about 40 companies have submitted their plans to the CPCB, and it is not clear how many have done the same on the National Pollution Control Board.
In the Hindu survey, most of the companies responding said they had projects but did not specify the numbers.
The only company to do so, the ITC, said it recycled 7,000 tons of MLP in 2017, which is equivalent to 13% of the 52,000 tons of plastic packaging it sells each year.
Nevertheless, there are still many challenges.
MLP conundrumMLP, which is used for months from terapacks to wafer bags and small bags of shampoo and production.
6 million tons of waste cannot be recovered every year.
For now, it is also irreplaceable, as the multi-layer paper, plastic and aluminum in it is the only way to keep perishable foods and medicines fresh for a few months at a time.
Although several organizations in the world are trying to replace, there is no low
Cost alternatives are still on the horizon.
So, what do we do with MLP?
CPCB recommends the use of this waste as fuel in a cement kiln or wasteto-energy plants.
However, Ashish Jain, founder and director of IPCA, noted that there were only two seconds
Waste Generationto-
Indian energy plants that can handle MLPs are now in Delhi.
\"If someone wants to recycle MLP in guwahatti, there is no disposal facility,\" he said . \"Jain.
In addition, there is not enough cement plant to accept MLP as fuel because the cost of separation and transportation is not economical compared to Coke.
Bengaluru, for example, has been trying to get the kiln to receive MLP-
Fuel from the city.
With companies subsidizing the use of alternative fuels for cement kilns, the EPR can also function here.
It will take a few years to completely solve the plastic problem in India.
\"There are thousands of brand owners and producers, and millions of tons of plastic waste . \"Jain.
\"New companies and new entrepreneurs are needed in this field.
We need to do more work.
To find out what Indian brands are doing, Hinduism sent a questionnaire to 20 companies asking about their Indian plans
Consumer plastic packaging.
11 companies have responded and all of them have plastic recycling plans. Three of them —
No further details were given by Marico, Haldiram and P & G.
Reckett Benckiser India shares its global plastic policy, which includes adjusting bottle sizes to save on plastic.
In India, adjusting the size of the Lizol bottle saves 107 tons of plastic per year, while adjusting the size of the Harpic bottle saves 43 tons.
Both Procter & Gamble and recbbenckiser have global targets and all packages can be recycled or reused by 2030 and 2025.
The responses from seven companies are shown in the table.
Survey method: select company from audit results conducted in Bengaluru
Headquartered in Hasiru Dala, a non-governmental organization, in June 2018.
As part of the audit, volunteers scanned plastic waste in eight locations in the city, including five dry
Waste collection center.
They identified 607 plastic packaging brands, 40 of which were major contributors.
20 of them were randomly contacted by Hindus.
Although this sample does not represent India (
Other brands may account for a much larger proportion of garbage in other cities)
Several brands are exposed to multinational brands, while other brands have operations in multiple states.
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