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by:Top-In     2020-07-06
The majority of Jugs nets are attached to enclosed cages for the safest batting practice. Cage width varies between 11 and 14 feet, whereas the height is more flexible between 11 and 16 feet tall. When it comes to the length of the cage, it depends on where it will be installed; outdoor batting cages can be much larger than the indoor versions. As a result, Jugs provides a wide choice in cage length, varying from 14 to 70 feet long. Jugs nets can also be used on a backstop cage design; the shape of the frame creates a square cave of mesh to keep the balls controlled in the area. Most of these models are portable, compared to the enclosed tunnel cages. In fact, the portable nets are helpful for players that are practicing on a field or even in the backyard. Batters can use baseball training aids with the cage protection so that the batting style can improve while protecting nearby property and people. What makes Jugs' baseball equipment so different from competing brands? Jugs nets use nylon material for all their mesh products; nylon is much stronger than the alternative polyethylene material. In addition to the strong material, Jugs only sells their netting in either a standard dark green or requested black color. Dark colors resist the sun's rays better than a lighter mesh color. The sun is an immediate enemy of any outside netting; the UV (ultraviolet) radiation slowly breaks down the mesh material. As a solution to the UV problem, Jugs nets are weather treated with urethane. This protective film provides a barrier against the damaging UV rays for a long lasting mesh product. Even the hanging ropes on the netting are protected with a polyester jacket so that the sun's rays cannot damage the rope structure. The strong Jugs nets are complemented with a knotted design; each intersection on the mesh has a tight knot to withstand constant ball strikes. In fact, Jugs offers four different strength levels based on the size of the knot. The small knot design will provide 119 pounds of strength against impacts; this design level is mainly for home use, as well as little league and high school practice. A secondary strength level of 191 pounds is also used for the same consumer base, but it will last for more years than the 119 pound knot design. The top knot strength designs are 381 and 691 pounds, respectively. These large knots are made for college and professional game play and can last up to 8 to 10 years. These Jugs nets will be subjected to a lot of impacts from a ball's dry abrasion; Jugs prides itself on having a high resistance to abrasion with the nylon mesh. In addition, Jugs uses a stretching technique during manufacturing that tests and solidifies each knot's position within the mesh. This stretching helps the knots stay in place during use so that the structural integrity of the intersecting grid is not compromised. Stretched knots can increase the size of an individual opening which can possibly allow a ball to fly through unexpectedly. Fire resistance is a high priority with Jugs nets. The nylon material has a much higher melting point than polyethylene; this high melting point makes this mesh extremely durable and safe in the long run. Consumers looking to purchase a quality cage netting should look no further than Jugs. This brand prides itself on top quality design and engineering. In the end, Jugs nets are the best solution for a successful baseball team.
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