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Many people know that there is a need for warmth at home

by:Top-In     2020-06-03
The main task of warming create one heat loss through the roof as possible. There are different types of insulation roof. We consider only the main types of insulation roof. One of the heads of the roof insulation is the planned home insulation of residential loft space. Between the sheet metal roof and living quarters in the mandatory waterproofing is performed.Waterproofing of insulation to protect against accidental leaks of the roof, but its main application for removal of condensate drops, which occurs under the cover of the roof in prohlodnye days.Waterproofing is to protect the insulation from moisture saturation. As a waterproofing almost all cases, use either super-diffused membrane or plastic gidrobarer. Super-diffused membrane has a high vapor removing property from the atmosphere through the insulation itself. Therefore, compared with a polyethylene waterproofing membrane can be right on heater lozhit without an air gap between them. Of course, the membrane is an expensive way of waterproofing the roof, but the most effective. The membrane is designed for operation from 20 to 60 years, depending on the quality and manufacturer.Sure any waterproofing joints are glued to butyl lentoy. Obychny gidrobarer is made of two layers of polyethylene and reinforcing bars welded to the middle for strength. gutter heaters Polyethylene does not let moisture and it has an additional gidrobarer microperforation for removal of vapor. When installing this type of waterproofing is necessary to fulfill the gap between the insulation and gidrobarer least 20 mm. Polietilenovaya waterproofing is cheaper and takes it in no long time.Since the She eventually begins to disintegrate and the roof waterproofing disturbed. As the roof insulation is used primarily mineral wool of different densities and thicknesses. Mineral wool insulation for the attic used mostly in rolls or potavlyaetsya plates. Heater is mounted between the rafters. Sticking with it should be no more uzhato. Are fixed in addition to stretching or osnovoniyu Tonga steel wire or fishing line. Mineral wool is mounted in the attic and a thickness of 200-250 mm in several layers. After the insulation is imperative to carry out vapor barrier. A vapor barrier uses the same film with the same structure as gidrobarer, only without having to perforation. Because unlike gidrobarer vapor barrier is to protect the insulation against the ingress of moisture from the premises and of course, the sealed vapor barrier will be performed, the less will be full steam heater, the more heat is retained bydet in a residential area. Joints in the vapor barrier must also glued tape butyl germetika.I only after all these steps, you can proceed to the final stage, interior decoration. Here you will not be possible to give finishing materials, as All materials are selected individually. But usually it's either drywall or wood paneling. Another way to widespread use of warming is the warming of the unheated attic, where they are placed on the premises. But such cases are not insulated roof slopes, and for cost-effective well-insulated ceiling and only if there is, all adjacencies. We have listed all types of insulation are not roof houses, and only the most extended ones. On other types of insulation roof of the house, we will introduce you to other pages.
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