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There will be fewer suppliers of thermoplastic materials to Chicago this year.
But even if there are fewer major resin companies attending the meeting, there are many new product introductions coming from a strong team of suppliers and an increasing number of overseas suppliers and brokers.
In the new development,
Flame retardant PC/ABS mixture made of nanoparticles, extension of plastic
All-metal \"mixing\" technology
Plastic version, new series of PolyOne PC/polyester alloy and new anti-static compound of RTP Co
In the NPE 2006, with the introduction of several grades by the supplier, providing new clarity, softness and supermold adhesion, the continuous intense development efforts of thermoplastic elastic materials are evident.
The Tpu has also increased product development activities, with suppliers focusing on new car grades that bring softness, light stability and higher productivity.
Bayer Materials science is looking for three-water alumina nanoparticles to improve the resistance to hydrolysis and flame resistance of its Bayblend PC/ABS resin.
Bayblend FR 3000 injection molding grade is said to be the first FR-
Nanoparticles are mixed with PC/ABS.
They boast about improving the processing performance of the film. wall parts.
Lanxess is expanding its plastic/metal mixing technology by replacing metal with fabric
Reinforced nylon composite sheet developed for bonding
Laminated Products Co. , Ltd. of Brion, Germany. The new all-
The plastic hybrid is made of the first drive nylon composite plate.
Then preheat the pre-made stick, put it into the injection molding tool and wrap it in more nylon.
DuPont has four new outfits.
Resistant to products.
Combined with Teflon micro-rice noodles, Delrin 100TL B & L has high impact strength and elongation, low wear and friction.
Delrin 500MP contains micropowder of four fluorine and proprietary ingredients.
Its stiffness, strength and toughness are similar to the standard medium
Viscosity of aldehyde. For wear-
DuPont has launched two Zytel HTN durable products that must withstand higher temperatures and more aggressive chemicals
Temperature nylon containing PTFE micropowder: WRF51MP20 and WRF51K20 (
It also contains kaifula fiber).
The new PC/tb and PC/PET alloys from PolyOne are available for lawn and garden, entertainment, automotive and commercial equipment applications.
The first 12 Edgetek XT grades include universal-purpose, uv-Stable, lowtemperature-impact grades.
RTP has exhibited its PermaStat large anti-static
Dissipated compounds with electrical properties belonging to so-
Static called \"ideal\"
Dissipation range]10. sup. 8]to [10. sup. 9]ohm/sq.
The material also has static-
The number of attenuation less than 0.
5 seconds, nonsloughing.
The new TPEs arrival of the thermoplastic rubber continues to improve in terms of clarity and softness.
Teknor Apex Co is an example.
New Monprene TPEs with super
Softness and optical clarity.
They can be formulated between coast 00 hardness from 30 to 60, comparable to other Monprene super soft gel products, well below conventional TPEs, measuring a scale on shore.
They are FDA-based polymer blocks for hydrogenation styrenic
Meet the requirements and can be overformed on the olefinic substrate.
Their softness makes them suitable for shoe insoles and heel cups, sporting goods, and other buffering between hard substrates and personal contact.
PolyOne developed OnFlex-
The TPEs of the S series are for soft supermodel applications.
These are based on new styles.
Block copolymer technology developed with leading SBC suppliers. The K-
The 6200 series is used for over-forming on PC, ABS and PC alloys, with Shaw hardness ranging from 10 to 90.
PolyOne is also developing K-6300 nylon-
Adhesive grade of 20 to 90 shore. GLS Corp.
There is a new transparent TPE alloy that can be bonded to polar substrates such as PC, ABS, PC/PETG and PC/tb.
This is in response to the trend of transparent supermodel TPEs showing rigid substrates in consumer design.
The Versaflex OM 3000 series is available in 45 and 60 shore.
A new development of TPEs pre-coloring is considered to be more cost-effective
Effective than the traditional compound. E-Z Color Corp. \'s Spin-
It is reported that the bonding technology will not bring a thermal history to the TPE, nor will it affect the physical performance or processing performance, while the cost is 20% to 50% lower than the composite. E-
Z Color is made of a Color dispersion applied to the particles through a special process.
The technology is mainly used for TPVs in automotive, consumer electronics and medical applications.
Mitsui Chemical Launches
It can provide a good balance of elasticity, heat resistance and high elasticity of cross-linked polyethylene elastic material.
Notio elastomer is a metal-based catalyst technology.
Its transparency, toughness, and heat resistance and scratch resistance recommend it as an olefin modified material or a major molding material.
The new TPU develops appearance parts, especially the appearance of the TPU in automotive parts, resulting in a softer uv-
Stable material.
An example is BASF\'s new Elastollan HPM improved tpu, which provides softness of up to 60 shore A Without plasticizer (vs.
Previous limit 80A)
Meet the strict requirements of the automotive manufacturers dyeing.
These tpu are soft-
Touch the internal components such as the door handle, steering wheel and knob.
BASF also launched the US market. S.
New Fat tpu for Slush
Molded dashboard.
These licenses are low
Temperature airbag deployment and seamless instrument-
The panel is designed to provide color stability, wear resistance and resistance in March at the same time.
With the development trend of seamless IPs, the positioning of the tpu is against shish-
Molded PVC and TPO.
Fat levels have recently been commercialized on two European car platforms.
Merquinsa in Spain is launching two new fast-
Circulating poly-ester-
Tpu based on automotive applications.
Pearlthane d11t85 uv is 85 Shore A with strong uv resistance.
Targeted use includes a shift knob and a spring insulator.
Pilstein D11T93 (93 Shore A)
Compared with standard polyester tpu, it has good grease resistance, wear resistance and good temperature and hydrolysis performance.
Suitable for elastic hood applications.
It is reported that the two grades of bicycles are 10% faster than the competitive tpu.
In the latest TPV products, PolyOne\'s olefin-
It is reported to have better compression strength, chemical resistance and temperature of use.
As part of OnFlex
V series, PolyOne introduces low friction coefficient with UV stability, high melt flow rate (COF)down to 0. 3 to 1.
The typical TPVs is 0.
Hardness ranges from 45A to 50D, they have been commercially available in Europe, and have a strong interest in the COF grade of North American automotive wind and rain seals and building window seals.
Guangzhou Environmental Optimization Engineering Co. , Ltd.
MEP is being introduced in China (
Plastic change)
A new \"green\" TPE made of renewable resources (
Described as \"modified Earth \").
MEP has good elasticity, high strength and wear resistance.
It can replace the PUR paving system for runways, playgrounds and playgrounds.
It can also replace cork flooring and artificial leather in furniture, handbags and clothes.
News of PP & PET Basell olefin will launch new frozen PP resinfood packaging.
These include Pro
Opaque and thin Fax impact polymer
Wall injection molding and Clyrell heterogeneous impact polymer produced by Catalloy process for transparent, thin-
Wall, heat forming.
The new resin is said to provide enhanced low
The effect of temperature, as well as reducing the smell and taste.
Several new grades of metalloca
Basell also introduced PP-based packaging with unique performance features.
They have low fogging, excellent gloss, high rigidity and a better smell and taste.
DAK Americas will publish the details of the laser PET container resin.
They will start commercial at the end of 2006-
Its new 450-million-
Lb/yr facilities in fear Corner, New YorkC.
The facility has taken advantage of new, proprietary meltingTek melt-
It is said that the phase aggregation technology to eliminate energy
Build intensive solid statements of high I. V.
The resulting resin has improved processing and enhanced physical properties, \"eventually increasing the shelf-
The life of food and drinks . \"
The exhibitor list includes resin, compound, film, paper and stock shape.
New developments have emerged in the type of Boldface.
ADELL plastics
Booth 1227 charges
Composite services and proprietary engineering compounds focusing on nylon, PP, polyester, PC and silicone concentrate.
Advanced Polymer alloy, DIV. OF FERRO CORP. Booth 5139 (
Exhibited in rubber/TPE Pavilion)
Featuring durensp SEBS
TPEs type, bonded with a range of thermoplastic plastics in over-forming and co-extrusion molding.
Alcryn melt-machined rubber, a partially cross-linked halogen ethylene-is also shown-Alloy.
Chemical Company of AmericaBooth 5139 (
Exhibited in rubber/TPE Pavilion)
Display Atlas fluorine rubber for oil/gas, chemical process, wire/cable, heavy duty-
Equipment and the automotive industry. AGRI-
POLYMERIX booth 10714 new composites based on bio-polymer injection molding of plant protein.
AMCO Plastic Materials Co. , Ltd.
Booth 10459 custom compound PP, HDPE, nylon and other engineering resin with emphasis on color matching for quick turnaround and anti-discoloration
Counterfeit Technology.
At the same time, the distribution of major domestic and imported goods and engineering resin.
US gold Mao plastic booth 5794 China wholesaler-
Rigid PVC and PS film for thermoforming applications.
Toll collectors at AMETEK west Chester plastic booth 11335 for engineering resin, alloys, reactive modifiers and other thermoplastic materials.
Atron low application thermal plastic resources booth 10431 supply-cost, post-
Industrial nylon 6 and 66 resin including hot-
Stability and impact
Improved version based on recycled carpet fiber.
Asahi KASEI plastic North American booth 2676
Custom Compounds for performance, including Thermylene chemical coupling glass-and mineral-reinforced PP;
Improved PPE by Xyron; Tenac acetal; and glass-
Strengthen ABS and SAN.
ASC plastic booth 6018 (
Exhibited with Ashley polymer)
Distribute nylon, PC, PPE, polyester, acetate and ABS. ASHLAND INC.
Booth 6108 offers chemicals, plastics, composites and environmental protection services.
Ashley polymer booth 6018 compound and distribution nylon, polyester, personal protective equipment, polyester, acetate.
Booth 10807 engineering resin (including nylon 6 and 66 and PET) toll station william barney & son llc.
A new transparent TPE alloy from GLS
It can be bonded to polar substrates such as PC, ABS, PC/PETG and PC/tb.
BASELL Polyolefine booth 2603 grade-
Packaging based on Metocene PP.
Also introduced PP resin for freezing
Food packaging including Pro-
Opaque and thin Fax polymer
Wall, injection molding container and Clyrell resin for transparent thermoforming sheet.
And Alashan e-On-Business
Line order of PP. BASF CORP.
Booth 2903 introduction to Elastollan HPM fat type
Will be soft (60 Shore A)
There is no strong light stability of the plasticizer and the interior of the car.
Fat TPU slush molding grade was also introduced for the dashboard.
Booth 1676, Bayer Materials Science Co. , Ltd. introduces Bayblend fr pc/ABS containing hydrated alumina nanoparticles.
It has better hydrolysis stability and chemical resistance and reduces volatile substances.
Bayshore group Booth 4316 supplies flexible and rigid PVC compounds as well as re-processed rigid PVC, including transparent or flexible extrusion grades and medium-or high-
Shock injection and extrusion compound.
Birch plastic Co. , Ltd.
Booth 216 compound recycling-
Content resin for nylon, PC, ABS, PP, PE and PS.
Virgin off is also available-
PE, PP and PS.
Changchun Super engineering plastic Research Co. , Ltd. Jilin University, LTD.
Booth 7342, China R & D Enterprise
Performance resins, including polymers, PES and new PEEKK, have a melting point of 367 °c and Tg of 167 °c.
It has similar or better mechanical and electrical properties as peeking, as well as higher heat resistance. CHEMNET S. R. L.
Italian company booth 7130 buys and sells plastic waste and engineering compounds.
Booth 11006 offers products and engineering resins for the automotive, food packaging, entertainment, electronics, medical and durable goods industries. CHINA PACK (ZHEJIANG)
Jingxing Plastic Packaging Co. , Ltd. , LTD.
Booth 8442 of the Chinese company is introducing BOPS sheets for food packaging. C. O. I. M. S. P. A.
Booth 7932 Italian company produces Laripur TPU of polyester, polyurethane and polyester type, as well as TPU alloy of other thermoplastic plastics.
Domino computer, United States of AmericaA.
Booth 864 of PVC for pipes, rigid profiles, plates, wires/cables, footwear and bottles.
Also available are acrylic/PVC alloys, custom compounds and quick
Compound prototype.
Rotomolded PE cans are also produced.
Cool polymer Booth 586 provides thermal conductivity compounds in a variety of base resins.
Custom Polymer Company
Booth 8501 Post
Recycling and reprocessing of industrial plastics.
Provides grinding, reprocessing, metal separation, repackaging, sorting and distribution. CYCLICS CORP.
Booth 7211 low supply-molecular-
Weight CBT resin with extremely low melt viscosity but cured in the mold to form a highmolecular-weight PBT.
Recently, it was shown that while maintaining good mechanical performance and clarity, the melting flow of PC increased by 30% to 50%.
Dak us Booth 4276 introduction Melt-
Tek PET manufacturing process, which will be used later this year to manufacture PET with improved processing and barrier properties, thus increasing the shelf
Food and Drink life.
A wide range of laser PET resin for packaging is also shown, including Class C for custom containers that require special clarity and gloss, and for high-
Food packaging performance.
Dachx resinas ltda.
Booth 10364 Brazilian PE, PP, EVA and PS resin suppliers.
Deka Resin Co. , Ltd.
Booth 11007 Canada Post
Industrial PE, PP and PS.
Supply re-grinding, compaction scrap, particles, paper, rollers, custom mixture, off-spec, wide-
Specifications and original materials.
Domino plastics, INC.
Booth 424 buys and sells plastic waste materials for all goods and engineering resin, including high
Performance grades such as PPS and PTFE.
Inventory re-processing, Virgin and off-site surplus
Grade Resin, as well as re-grinding, film scrap and other unground scrap.
DuPont Engineering polymer booth 2632
Anti-Delrin (100TL and 500MP)
And Zytel HTN high-
Temperature nylon (
WRF51MP20 and WRF51K20).
DYNEON booth 2260 showing fluorine rubber and fluorine plastic.
Booth 9037 of ecomass technologies Introduces high-
Density compound of ABS or nylon containing metal powder to replace lead and other \"heavy\" materials.
The density of the extrusion grade is as high as 11g/cc. ECONEER CO. , LTD.
Booth 388 South Korean company launches biodegradable paper-
Resin like wheat flour, cotton fiber and straw for packaging such as cups, plates and meat plates. EMS-
Grivory america Booth 9855 supplies specialty nylon: Grilamid nylon 12, transparent Grilamid TR, Grivory GV and Grivory HT with partial aromaTemperature PPA.
Virocast INC.
Booth 5880, Canadian company
Re-processed resin based on transparent, white and mixed colors, grade llannan, low density polyethylene, MDPE and high density polyethylene.
Post-Industrial Reprocessing PET, PP, PS and PVC are also provided.
Exchange plastics
11030 booth sales of goods and projects-
Grade re-grinding of PE, PP, HIPS, PET, PVC, ABS, PC/ABS, nylon, PEI and pcs. Operates Insta-
Match the website, match the buyer with the seller of excess and ground resin.
Expertise in recycling is also provided. E-Z COLOR CORP. Booth 5139 (
Exhibited in rubber/TPE Pavilion)
Launching Spin-
Adhesion technology of pre-coloring TPEs.
It is colored for individual particles at a cost of 20% to 50% lower than typical formulation.
This process is currently focused on TPVs.
Booth 2515, FASALEX Booth (
Exhibited with pattinfield Gloucester)
German companies produce high-wood-content (up to 80%)
Profile extrusion.
Hearthstone textile company
Booth 10243 supplies nylon 6 resin and compound for injection molding, single wire extrusion and wire sheath.
Jiada Chemical Co. , Ltd. Booth 7825 (
Exhibited in the Indian Pavilion)
High output producers in India
Performance Polymers including PEK, PEKK, polyamide-ethersulfone (PAES)
End Ester and fluorine-polyimides.
GLEZCO Booth 6176 supplies high-quality resin and plastic waste materials for recycling, grinding, reprocessing or compaction. GLS CORP.
Booth: 5139, 1145 (
Exhibited in rubber/TPE Pavilion)
Introducing the Versaflex OM 6200 series TPEs, it is said to provide an excellent combination for most types of standard and modified nylon.
Versaflex OM 3000 series TPEs have also been introduced with \"water clarity\" and good supermold bonding with PC, ABS, PC/PETG and PC/tb.
Grupo repol booth 10559 (
Cooperate with nylon companyof America)
Dinilon nylon 6, 66 and 6/66 polymer produced by Spanish company.
Will highlight the \"environmental protection\" flame-
Flame retardant nylon that does not use halogen or phosphorus, it is reported that the density is low, maintaining good mechanical properties and a wide range of colors.
Guangzhou Environmental Optimization Engineering Co. , Ltd. , LTD. Booth 5139 (
Exhibited in rubber/TPE Pavilion)
To MEP (
Plastic change)
\"Green\" TPE of a new invention, said not
Toxic and recyclable, with high strength and resistance to corrosion, good resistance to corrosionslip and sound-
Anti-sound properties.
Harbin Xinda High Technology Co. , Ltd. , LTD.
The Chinese company at Booth 7441 provides compounds for cars and electrical parts, including ABS, PP, nylon 6 and 66.
Honeywell special materials--
Booth PRODUCTS Booth 2276 offers specialty fluorine polymers and Nylon Films for healthcare, food packaging, industrial and aerospace applications.
PCTFE resin was recently introduced.
Aegis special nylon for barrier protection is also provided.
Booth hensmay 11106 shows the tpu for injection molding, extrusion, adhesives and coatings.
ICO polymer North America booth 4589 launches glowin-the-
Dark rotational compounds for traffic barriers and buoys and conductive compounds for static
Tank and air duct resistant. INVISTA S. A. R. L.
Booth 11235 presents PET resin for containers, film and paper, as well as for YMMA films.
Focusing on the recently launched PolyShield modified PET, which can be mixed with mx6 nylon on the molding machine to produce a single layer barrier bottle. JAMPLAST INC.
Booth 11128 dealers and dealers of ordinary primespec, wide-
Specifications, recovery and custom compounds.
And the only US. S.
PLA dispenser (PLA)
Resin from NatureWorks PLC. KAL-TRADING INC.
10114 booth distribution, Virgin, repelletized, grinding, making goods, engineering plastics, etc. , PE, PP, PS, PVC, ABS, PC/ABS, nylon, formaldehyde, such as: pet, TPO, PES, PES, Peeps, etc.
Karina INDUSTRIA and commercial de plasticos ltda.
Booth 5797 Brazilian supplier, offering rigid, flexible and transparent PVC compounds and custom masterbatch for wires/cables, profiles, soles and bottles. KOSTAT INC.
Booth 10723 supplies static compounds and finished products-discharge (ESD)applications.
5139,6368 of Koten polymer seat
Exhibited in rubber/TPE Pavilion)
Display styrenic block polymer (SBCs)
And polystyrene. LANXESS CORP.
9233 booth launch full
Plastic \"mixing\" technology for automotive structural components.
This requires the replacement of metal components in plastic/metal blends with thermoplastic composite plates, which are molded by injection molding. LG CHEM LTD.
Booth 9955 supplies high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, PVC, ABS, PC and pet. LIDA CORP.
Booth 8346 imports, exports and resells all kinds of plastic waste materials, engineering materials, rolled plastic materials and re-processed plastics.
LPKF Laser and electronic booth 10919 highlights its laser direct structure (LDS)
Die-making Interconnect Device process (MIDs).
The laser \"draws\" the circuit on the surface of the molded part containing the laser-
Sensitive additives.
LTL Color Company
DuPont recently authorized Booth 235 to be the exclusive compounder of Surlyn reflective series resin, the patented alloy of Surlyn Poly and Nylon 6.
Plastic Company of Maine
Booth 4130, 4445 resin broker is newly distributing ABS, PC/ABS, SAN and HIPS for Korean Kumho products.
North American Company
Booth 418 of Spanish suppliers launched fast-
Bicycle tpu for cars.
Pearlthane D11T85UV and Pearlthane D11T93 offer 10% discount on fast cycling.
Pierce coated Activa tpu for coating and extrusion coating has also been introduced. METABOLIX INC.
Booth 386 bio-plastics development will present the new polyester (PHA)
Biodegradable resin produced by bacterial fermentation of agricultural raw materials such as corn sugar.
Already commercial production with Archer Daniels Midland.
Mitsui Chemical USA
Booth Notio Poly 7012alpha-
Olefin rubber with nano structure
Crystal structure developed through metallocene technology.
We\'re still talking about Apel Cosmo-
Olefin polymer resin and film for optical, medical and packaging applications.
Modern decentralized systems
Booth 9028 supplies wood/plastic compounds.
South Polymer Company
Booth 8448 import and distribution prime, off-spec, and wide-
Specification resin and reprocessing of PS, HIPS, PE, PP, PVC, ABS, SBS, nylon, pc and other resins.
Nano-polymer compositesBooth 157 (
Exhibition with Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Bureau)
Taiwan supplier for nylon nano-composites for automotive, packaging, extrusion coating, connectors, gears and electronics. NOVEON iNC.
Booth 5455 showing Estane fat and aromatic tpu including extrusion, anti-static, highHeat, flame-
Flame retardant grade and alloy. NYLON CORP.
S. Booth 10559 exhibits new nano-sealed nano-composite nylon for improved barrier, nano-gel high
Elastic modulus, super-toughness nano-composite nylon and nylon TP elastic materials.
Engineering Materials for 6184 compounds in booth of all plastics Co. , Ltd.
Polymer Company
Booth 7220 compound Polyolefine, nylon, polyester and other engineering polymers.
Introduction of Nemcon conductive compound G-Bar gas-
Barrier compounds and the antibacterial grade of Gienall.
Booth 923 of Phoenix Technology International Co. , Ltd (
Exhibition & Plastic Technology Co. , Ltd. )
Showcase NLP and LNO cuisine
Grade bottle/container resin made of 100% columns
Consumers recycle pets
PET grinding charges are also provided.
Booth 1258 of the US plastics group highlights the customized composite function of thermoplastic.
Plastic Products Company
Booth 119 after conversion
Quality of industrial plastic waste-controlled low-
High cost materialsvolume uses.
The product slate includes PE, PP, PS, PVC, PET, ABS alloy, nylon and nylon alloy.
Plastic World INC.
Booth 7031 compound ABS, SAN, ABS/pbx, ABS/nylon, PC/ABS and hips.
Booth 4491 of Poly composite Co. , Ltd. fills and enhances the toll collector of hot plastic and conductive Masterbatch-
Batch, heating-and shear-
Sensitive polymers and additives.
4445 booth offers premium resin, custom compounds and recycling-
Content material.
Polymer Resources Co. , Ltd.
Booth 11130 custom compound engineering plastics, including PC, ABS, B & L, nylon, PC/ABS and modified po. POLYONE CORP.
Booth 2542 introduces Edgetek xt pc/polyester alloy with excellent chemical resistance, surface gloss and appearance.
Also introduced OnFlex-V Series TPVs (
45 Shore A to 50D)and OnFlex-
Styrenic block-S series
Polymer TPEs for supermodel molding.
Geon CPVC is also shown. POLYRAM RAM-
Booth 422 of Israel Industries provides engineering compounds for the automotive, electrical, irrigation and construction industries. POLYREPS, INC.
Booth 9301 global distributor of raw and re-processors and engineered thermoplastics, from olefin and styrenics to peeps, PPE Alloys, LCP and TPEs, and color compounds.
Also custom compound uv-
Glass stable
Reinforced and conductive materials.
Premix hot plastic company
Booth 11113 with conductive and electrostatic functions
Dissipated thermoplastic compounds.
RAJIV plastic industry booth 7525 (
Exhibited in the Indian Pavilion)
Indian companies offer thermoplastic compounds to the automotive industry. RECYC RPM INC.
Booth 8321 distribution Virgin, wide-Canada-
Specifications and recycled resin.
The product line includes PET, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PS, TPO, ABS and nylon.
The company specializes in grinding, washing, granulation, compounding and mixing.
Reliance Industrial Co. , Ltd.
Booth 7812, a major Indian chemical company, is a large producer of PE, PP, PVC and PET for fiber and packaging.
Asim International Limited
There are 10360 booth plastic brokers operating in China.
Introduction after
Consumer Recycled PET flakes for packaging or fiber. ROSCOM INC.
Booth 10743 shows customized compounds of flexible and rigid PVC for extrusion, injection molding and sheet materials in medical, automotive, electronics, construction and pipeline applications. RTP CO.
Pavilion 334,7805 adopts PermaStat large anti-static
In what is sought-[Rear range]10. sup. 8]to [10. sup. 9]ohm/sq. SARTOMER CO. Booth 5139-Z (
Exhibited in rubber/TPE Pavilion)
Supply juding-
Tpu-based and plastic-modified resins including SMA, imide and acrylic monomer.
SATTLER plastic booth 7208 buy and sell the remaining resin and re-grind, as well as the original brand Number of ABS, PS and other offshore materials.
SEKISUI Booth 7019 Japan provides PVC resin and specialty PVC compounds for the automotive, construction, packaging, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical industries.
Senoplast klepsch & CO. Booth 9946 (
Austrian Trade Commission)
Introduction to Senosan CM61 solar energyNew-
Weather permitting, class
Sheets co-extruded by PC/ABS and high-delivered
Gloss acrylic for automotive exterior panels.
Shandong Liming Group Co. , Ltd. LTD.
The Chinese company produces thermoplastic compounds and TPVs for Booth 7125.
Shenzhen Jinmao plastic Co. , Ltd. , LTD.
Booth 5794 of Hong Kong company produces thermoformed films and plates for PVC, PP and hips.
Shuman plastic Co. , Ltd.
Booth 1370 introduction SPFR 810 black FRHIPS with UL 94 V
2 Rating and notch Izod impact 1. 8 ft-lb/in.
Buy and resell recycled plastic.
Also selling prime ABS, PC/ABS (UL 94V-0)
, PP, HIPS, and po alloys.
Sinochem Qingdao company, LTD.
Booth 7322 of the Chinese company supplies four fluorine ether powder and particles.
Sk chemicals Booth 9662 presents PET-based Skypel polyester elastic materials, Skythane TPU and Skygreen biodegradable thermoplastic materials. SPARTECH CORP.
Booth 10129 introduces Rejuven8 PLA sheet and roll stock for consumer packaging, gifts and cards and plant labels as well as Rejuven8 plus PLA alloy.
STAR thermal plastic alloy and Rubber Company
Booth 5139-Introduction to Styrenic block-
Polymer TPEs for improving clarity and adhesion.
Sterigenics international Booth 842 features Raprex-supported high density polyethylene and llannan, produced by irradiation, with high melting strength and improved physical properties (
No cross-linking)
For blow film, blow molding and thermoforming.
Supreme Petrochemical Co. , Ltd.
Booth 7413 Indian supplier of Crystal PS and hips using Nova Chemicals technology as well as custom compounds.
EPS is coming soon.
Booth 11332, including tpu and PUR pouring body.
Techmer lehvoss Booth 10721 supplies special engineering compounds including conductive materials and internal lubrication materials.
Technical Polymer Co. , Ltd. Booth 9037 professional customized composite materials for engineering resin and elastomer.
Booth 10150 launches Monprene TPEs
Softness and optical clarity.
Styrenic block polymers based on hydrogenation, their hardness ranges from 30 to 60 at Coast 00.
TP composite materials
Booth 10247 recently introduced an additional grade of hiphill FR high filled compound, Lubriblend internal lubrication resin, plastic mixture alloy and mixture, and elastic rubber
Modified materials. TRADEPRO, INC.
Post-booth 988 suppliers worldwide
Industry and post
Thermoplastic plastics for various forms of consumer goods and engineering.
In addition, major and extensive import and export
Thermal plastic for goods and engineering.
United States company
Booth 2175 supplies PE, PP, nylon 6 and 12, pi and synthetic rubber.
United plastic recycling
Booth 4484 supplies Virgin, recycled, largespec materials.
Zhejiang Juner New Material Co. , Ltd. LTD.
Booth 7114, including enhancements, padding and fr pp for PP, PC, nylon 6, PET and TPEs.
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