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matte pet film has clarity.

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Pending technology from Dongli plastics, North Kingston, United StatesI.
Production matte-
Two-way directional PET film is completed by co-extrusion of thin surface layer containing talc Nano
The particles, instead of the entire extrusion, are filled with a single layer film of the talc.
Because thenano-
The Talc layer is only about 0.
5 micron thick, no haze.
Development 2-
Mil lumirmirror FA5 film has good contact clarity (25%haze)
Low gloss of 45. A 0. 092-mil \"super-
The FA5film has a fog degree of 20% and a gloss of 40.
The haze of 65% and the gloss of 43 are typical 0. 092-
Pet matte film.
Because the FA5 film has an unfilled PET core, the tensile strength is also 50% better than the single layer talc
Full of frosted PETfilms.
Lumirmirror FA5 film for pressure-
Durable goods and sensitive labels for wallpaper and food packaging (includingdual-ovenable)
And laminated to the mat. Tel: (401)294-4511 *www. torayfilms. com [
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