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Meet New Zealand\'s \'non-plastic Maori\'

by:Top-In     2020-07-30
Tina Ngata described herself as \"a non-plastic Maori\".
Teacher Gisborne has been trying to lead a plastic for the past three years
Free living, emphasizing the damage to our environment caused by everyday items like grocery bags and take-out coffee cups.
\"It\'s difficult, but it can be achieved,\" she said . \"
Ngata initially managed to reduce her usage to between 80g and 120g per week, but since staying with her partner, usage has been slightly higher.
According to the New Zealand Plastics Industry Trade Association, New Zealanders use about 36 kg kilograms per year or 692 grams of plastic packaging per week.
Ngata was inspired by the action while watching a documentary about the albatross from so-
Called the Pacific garbage belt.
The film records the slow death of seabirds after consuming plastic from giant floating garbage islands, estimated to be the size of Texas, which drifted across the Pacific Ocean between Asia and North America.
\"I decided to quit at the time and I didn\'t want to be responsible for that,\" Ngata said . \".
\"I don\'t want the lighter in that bird to come from me.
\"As an environmental research teacher at Gisborne Te Wananga O Aotearoa, Ngata has been passionate about environmental issues, but she has decided that more needs to be done.
Starting in early 2014, she began to record how much plastic waste she was manufacturing and her efforts to reduce it.
\"It wasn\'t until I worked together to reduce the plastic waste that I knew how much plastic waste I was making.
\"Friends and family encouraged her to write about her experience, which led to her blogPlastic Maori.
\"The idea is that a plastic Maori is an unreal Maori, and this is, to a large extent, a discussion about [kaitiaki]guardian]
\"What it means to be gross profit,\" Ngata said . \".
\"One of the ideas is that we are equal members of the ecology around us.
Herald spent an hour last week at Katie Beach in Gisborne with Ngata picking up trash, including cigarette butts, fast food
Food wrappers, fishing tackle, sunglasses and discarded sandals.
The number of collections is sobering.
\"It\'s about my relationship with this place for me,\" she said . \".
Once people start cleaning up the beach
They realize that they often watch garbage.
\"As part of her research on local issues, she used to sit outside the Gisborne supermarket, count the number of plastic bags and be shocked by what she saw.
\"660 plastic bags came out in an hour.
\"There have been some initiatives in shaping the Gisborne area --bag-free. Plastic Bag-
Free Tairawhiti (PBFT)
Form in May and promote alternatives to plastic.
The group spoke to members of Gisborne this week, saying 100,000 plastic bags entered the area\'s landfill every week.
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