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Metalized Film

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Dunmore is the industry leading manufacturer of high-tech metal film.
Dunmore\'s expertise in the production of metal plastic film covers a wide range of uses and industries.
If you need an aluminum metal film or a copper coated film, Dunmore can provide a metal film solution that leverages a variety of substrates for your specific application needs.
Whether you want to increase the shelf appeal of the product or need to provide a metal finish for the final product, metal film is an effective way to differentiate the product.
Dunmore\'s metal plastic film options are used for labeling and packaging to make your product stand out from the shelves.
You can find our Metallized Polyester film for other graphic applications (including signage and point of purchase displays.
Customers typically use Metallized Polyester film and metallized polyethylene film in these applications.
Our visual enhancement technology using metallized PET Films and other types of substrates is not limited to consumer packaging.
It is also possible to take advantage of the metal surface treatment film to give your next device or vehicle parts a real metal look and feel.
Common metal plastic film finishes include: Dunmore has a long history in designing custom metal films according to your visual specifications.
Talk to us today about the next design concept you want to bring to market.
Adding a layer of aluminum or copper to a thin film substrate has multiple functional advantages.
Conductivity is a key feature of various applications.
The metal film provides thermal insulation for Low Temperature applications and multi-layer insulating film blankets, and is widely used in satellite and spacecraft applications.
Other applications for products such as metallized PET film include specifications that require oxygen and moisture barriers, treatment of power failure windows, medical/health care, and reflective insulation materials used in the home.
These are just a few examples of how our partners can use metal films to achieve key performance features of their end products.
Dunmore has rich background and technical experience in metal processing of various plastic substrates.
Some of the common metal plastic films we produce include: in DUNMORE, we are very focused on product innovation;
We are constantly designing and testing new materials, technologies and technologies.
Talk to us today about your metal film needs.
In addition to providing metal PET film, Dunmore can also add other functions to products such as metal polyester film.
Acceptance coating from printing to resistance
Corrosion coating, we can further enhance and design the next generation of metal film for your product design.
In American English, whether it is metal (with two “l”s)and metalized (with one “l”)
Can be used interchanges;
Neither version is wrong or misspelled.
Again, in British English, metallized (with two “l”s)
Seems more common.
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