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Metallised film

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Metal film (
Or metal film)
It is a polymer film coated with a layer of metal film, usually aluminum.
They provide a smooth metal appearance of aluminum foil at a lower weight and cost.
Metal film is widely used in decoration and food packaging, but also for special applications such as insulation and electronic products.
On 1998, Flight 111 of Swissair crashed, killing 229 people.
Metal deposition using a physical vapor deposition process.
Aluminum is the most common metal used for deposition, but other metals such as nickel or chromium are also used.
The metal is heated and evaporated in a vacuum.
This condenses on a cold polymer film close to a metal vapor source.
In the range of 0, this coating is much thinner than the metal foil. 5 micrometres. [1]
This coating does not fade or change color over time.
Oriented Polypropylene and polybenzene diester (PET)
It is the most common film for metallized, also using nylon, polyethylene and cast polypropylene. [2]
The metal film has a reflective silver surface similar to aluminum foil and is highly flammable.
The coating also reduces the permeability of the film to light, water and oxygen.
The performance of the film still exists, such as higher toughness, the ability to heat seal, and a lower density than the cost of aluminum foil.
This makes the metal film have some advantages over aluminum foil and aluminum foil laminate.
It is believed that the metal film will be a replacement for the aluminum foil laminate, but the current film still cannot match the barrier properties of the aluminum foil.
Some very high barrier metal films can be obtained using EVOH, but there is no cost-effective yet for foil lamination. [3]
The metal film was originally used as a Christmas foil for decorative purposes ,[1]
Continue for items such as packaging and ribbons.
The novelty balloon presented as a gift filled with metal helium is made of metal BoPET, which is usually commercially called Mylar balloon.
Both metal PET and PP replace foil laminating materials for products such as snacks, coffee and candy, which do not require an excellent barrier for aluminum foil.
Metal nylon and polyethylene are used in meat export markets.
Extended shelf life by controlled penetration.
In the microwave oven, the metal film is used as a container for cooking. [5]
A microwave flower bag is an example.
Many foods also use metal film packaging only in appearance, because these products produce more sparks than competing products that use printed paper or polymer film.
Metallized PET films are used in NASA spacesuits to reflect radiation heat and keep astronauts warm, and the \"proximity suit\" used by firefighters is used to protect a large amount of heat released from fuel fires.
Emergency blankets containing aluminum are also used to preserve the body temperature of the frightened person.
MPET has been used as an anti-static container for other insulation and sound insulation materials used on aircraft to prevent insulation from leaking into the cabin, but it is not an insulator for that purpose in itself.
Metal film is used as a medium in the manufacture of a capacitor used in electronic circuits ,[6]
As a material in some types of anti-static bags.
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