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Mike Calloway Lorton residents has produced two

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Each has been interrupted by small red dots on the screen beams Film guys armed with laser pointers. 'Irritant' - it's the kindest word of Mr. Calloway has this behavior annoying holiday shoppers must endure.The red dots have become a nuisance in the mall where he studied the market for Cunningham search field.'Last week I counted 27 children, all under the age of 18, with laser pointer key chain, he said.' Until the last of which shone someone. These children do not know best, and dangerous. ' With the holiday shopping season in full gear, at least one area business is to reduce the growth of small devices, whose popularity among young penlike may be one of expenses for the planting season the most desirable. Seller Vinh Diep, who works at the cut, an electronics store in Tysons Galleria, says his store may lose some sales, but trying to do the responsible thing by refusing to sell laser pointers for adolescents. 'Even if the children receive their money, I will certainly say no,' said Diep. 'People who sell to children, they do not realize the consequences thereof. It 's so stupid.' Once used primarily by the types of businesses and educators to help guide the audience through a visual demonstration, the laser pointer on a red dot, some from as far as 1500 feet. In the last year, the green laser has become the must-have gadget for tweens and teens across the country using the 'tapping' to annoy your friends and fellow film buffs, and stop their teachers. Although children have a toy, the pointers have become a public nuisance.Goalkeepers in Detroit said they had been blinded by lasers pointed at their face opposing team fans sat in a big stadium. Bus drivers in Florida had their weak laser light guide children in their mirrors. A soldier from Texas thought that a laser pointed at the way he was in the field, so that chased the van and pulled out the gun, only to find the beam came from a child playing with a toy laser pointer. In November, rocker Gene Simmons of Kiss band was blinded during a performance, which led to his colleague Paul Stanley screaming audience to take the laser pointer 'back to the sixth grade.'Many cities, including Ocean City and Virginia Beach have issued strict restrictions on public use of laser pointers. Elected officials in New York and members of the New Jersey Legislature is considering a ban. School officials in Prince George County Prince William County and lasers have made the school a no-no. In Arlington County, lasers are not officially prohibited, but managers were able to suspend a student who is shining a laser pointer on someone's face, 'said spokesman Jay Boyce.
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