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by:Top-In     2020-07-29
Pune: plastic manufacturers in Maharashtra and Daman have decided to suspend the supply of plastic film used to make milk bags to dairy farms in the state from December 15.
This may adversely affect the supply of milk.
The dairy farm is usually stocked with plastic film and can be maintained for 10-12 days.
However, there is still uncertainty about how milk will be packaged and distributed after the dairy farm runs out of film stock.
Maharashtra Plastics Manufacturers Association has decided to suspend the supply of plastic film in light of ongoing action on the industry
Not prepared to extend producer responsibility (EPR)—
Maharashtra Pollution Control Commission (MPCB).
Under the rules, the manufacturer or producer must submit the EPR plan to the Ministry of Urban Development, including the model of the waste collection system for approval.
A top source from the Maharashtra Plastics Manufacturers Association told TOI that a letter was sent to the dairy industry on November 21, conveying the decision.
\"We discussed at a meeting the ambiguity and obstacles of preparing the EPR.
Manufacturers supplying plastic film to the oil and dairy industry attended the meeting.
\"We decided to suspend the supply of this plastic film from December 15,\" he said . \".
The milk producers and processors Welfare Association said that if the state government does not remove the dairy farm and milk bag from the ambit of the EPR, the dairy farm will have to stop packaging the milk in plastic bags.
This will affect milk supply, the association said.
Prakash Kutwal, secretary of the Association, asked, \"If we don\'t have plastic film to make bags, then we can\'t pack milk.
How will we supply milk if we cannot pack it?
Kutwal added, \"MPCB also asked us not to go into the range of the EPR, and hopefully we can recall the 80% milk bag under the EPR.
We work in rural areas, which makes it difficult for us to collect bags from our users.
It is also not easy to ship bags back to the manufacturer.
So we decided not to prepare the EPR.
\"The association convened a meeting on Thursday for 58 private and cooperative dairy farms to discuss the issue.
The association will now meet with Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam to make a decision on the matter.
In an interview with TOI, Minister of State for animal husbandry and Dairy Development, Arjun Khotkar, assured that milk supply would not be affected.
\"We will have a meeting with the dairy farm on Monday.
If the plastic film is not supplied, we will discuss suitable alternatives, such as glass bottles . \"
Sources from the plastics manufacturers association also talked about the logistical difficulties of collecting old milk bags.
\"Once the milk bag is opened, it starts to smell bad in a few hours.
It is not only unsanitary to collect this pouch, but there are practical difficulties.
Due to the bad smell, the owner was also upset about collecting old bags and storing them with other groceries, \"he said.
He added that as the EPR was not prepared, the plastic manufacturer had been notified of the shutdown of the MPCB.
\"We have asked the MPCB to develop an EPR preparation guide because the topic is not very clear.
In addition, it is not possible for the manufacturer to assume full responsibility for the preparation and tracking of the EPR.
\"We only supply movies to dairy farms and then they make milk bags,\" he said . \".
But MPCB thinks the industry should make its own EPR.
E. Ravendiran, Member Secretary for MPCB, said, \"We expect the industry to launch its own EPR model.
This is not a new concept.
Producers must make plans on how to recover the plastic circulating in the market
Therefore, whether it is recycled or destroyed in the ecological environmentFriendly attitude.
\"The Maharashtra government has given producers three months to work out the EPR, and now the time has passed.
Therefore, a notice of closure is now being issued to manufacturers without an EPR.
\"In the Pune area, 43 plastic manufacturers were informed of the closure notice for various reasons, including unauthorized or EPR operations,\" said another MPCB official . \".
A senior official from the Ministry of National Environment said, \"if manufacturers and stakeholders are going to continue to produce plastic packaging materials, they have to come up with an EPR.
If they don\'t know how to do this, they can visit the MPCB office where they will be given proper guidance.
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