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mini spark gap tesla coil

by:Top-In     2020-07-31
Just after I finished making the plasma speakers, I wanted to do something else related to the high voltage anti-excitation transformer.
I searched the internet and looked at the video on you about how to make it.
I will show you how I made a decent SSTC of about 4 inch arcs.
This is a great way to have working plasma speakers and mini Tesla coils at the same time with just a few extra parts added!
Anti-excitation driver: TL494 chip 200 uF (or 220uF)
Electrolytic Capacitor 47nF 250 v capacitor 100nF capacitor 10nF capacitor 2.
2 k resistor 10 ohm resistor diode 4007 diode 10 k potentiometer 22 k potentiometer IRF540 MOSFET large radiator excitation transformer (
You can get one from the old CRT. )
12 v power supply for TL494 oscillator 12 v to 40 v power supply for anti-excitation transformer * all components (
Does not include return, radiator and power supply ,)
It cost me 12 dollars to get off the trade.
* Tank capacitor and spark gap: 8--3000V .
047 uf CDE high pressure polymerization polypropylene film capacitor s8--
10 Mohms 5% carbon film Resistance 2--
Screw for spark clearance * Pricy with Cover 2.
There are 22 on the primary coil: 10 ft soft copper tube OD (
There are 7 dollars in lowes, or you can get 12 MB of solid line and it works too! )
Secondary Coil: PVC 1. 5d × 4 w tube (
Lois 2 yuan)27AWG enamel-covered solid-
Conductor copper wire (
A pack of 22, 27 and 30 from radioshack.
Take three!
Or if you can find something cheaper somewhere else, buy it! They are 6.
59 each ring: 1 Ft 2.
5 in the drain pipe (lowes 2. 15 a foot)
Aluminum-plated tape (
7 dollars for Lois)
Wood or cardboard nylon bolts and nutwasherThe primary coil are coils that surround the outside of the secondary coil.
I am using a tapered copper tube of 10 feet 1/4.
Before I got the tube, I was using 12gw solid copper wire wrapped around 2. 5 piece of PVC.
If this is all you can get, it\'s fine.
I found that the arc is larger in the third or fourth lap of the primary coil.
It is better to use crocodile clips on the wire to adjust the turn.
The primary coil will be connected to one side of the tank capacitor and the other side of the spark gap.
The secondary coil is a long vertical coil rising from the primary coil.
This is where you spend a lot of time winding the coil.
The secondary coil should be 5 times larger than the diameter pipe you are using, so I am using 1.
If the diameter is 5, the length of the coil should be 7. 5 in.
I got my magnetic wire from the radio shed and remember that it had wires 22, 27 and 30.
All you need to do is use the wires of the 27 ad hoc working groups and it should be green.
You need to use these three wires!
This will make the coil go out at 8 and it will be good!
I drilled 4 small holes in the bottom of the PVC pipe.
Then run the wires in, run in, and run back.
There should be a little wire sticking out the bottom of the pvc pipe.
This will be connected to the Earth\'s ground!
Start scrolling when you\'re done!
When you roll the coil and run out of the first roll, attach a piece of tape to the PVC pipe, get the second roll you have, and weld the two leads together (
Make sure you scrape off some enamel).
Weld as little as possible on top and keep rolling!
You can see if there is a connection to 1 m.
If you find the wires elsewhere and have enough, then you can skip this one.
After you rolled out, I drilled three holes at the end of the coil, then ran the wire in, then ran out again, then ran in again, and ran up again.
This will hold the wire so it won\'t unbuckle!
Cut off the rest of the PVC pipe but leave around 1 to 2 inch above the coil!
I made another coil with wires from 30 ad hoc working groups.
You\'re going to have to add more turns in the primary I want to buy a toroid to put on it, but I\'m not going to spend 1 to 2 hundred dollars on one, so I made my own!
So you have to sit 1-2.
5 inch drain, roll it up yourself so it should be round.
Stretching a little will help it.
Measure the inner diameter of the circle, cut a piece of wood or cardboard and place it in the center of the tube.
It will look like a spaceship when you\'re done!
Remove the aluminum-plated tape and start the tape from the bottom of the board, around the tube, until the top of the board (
Very sticky! ).
Get the tape as smoothly as possible!
Easier said than done, but do the best possible!
Once you cover it with an aluminum strip, drill a hole in the center, throw your Nylon bolt into the hole, and place the washer and nut on the other side.
Be sure to scrape the enamel off the wire to keep a good connection with the toroid!
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