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mitsubishi sc plant to focus on shrink films. (industry news & people).

by:Top-In     2020-01-30
Mitsubishi polyester film announced plans to transform one of its itsPET film production lines at its Greer SC plant to produce PET shrink film.
The company plans to complete the conversion in the fourth quarter.
The company expects the Greer plant to produce 5,000 tons of PET shrink film per year.
\"The traditional two-way oriented PET film market is increasingly competitive,\" said Bill Radlein, vice president of sales . \".
\"So we seek the opportunity to expand our product line to deliver value --
Added products to our customers in the packaging and industrial markets.
Radlein said: \"In the past few years, the shrinking film market has grown by 15% per year.
However, he added that the global production capacity of shrink films is insufficient, limiting the growth of the market.
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