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mobile factories and human colonies on the earth’s oceans

by:Top-In     2020-08-04
The mobile industry on the ocean we have the hydro power for ship turbines, the abundant solar energy for power generation, and unlimited wind energy for multiple uses.
Our earth is surrounded by five oceans.
In the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Southern Ocean, the Arctic Ocean.
If we take advantage of the planet\'s natural resources, there will never be any shortage of energy.
The shortcomings of fossil energy and its connection to global warming are another important fuel from the bottom of the sea.
Fish are also part of the Ocean harvest as food and are available at any time.
The ocean can be used in floating factories and industries.
The Earth rotates in the opposite way
In a clockwise direction on the inclined shaft, therefore, in general, when cruising in a clockwise direction, cargo transportation is easy and fast around the world.
Waste generated by industry will be converted into synthetic forms of fossil fuels.
There will be no industrial waste or noise pollution on the land.
Planting trees and green plants on land without factories and industries will restore the healthy environment of the Earth.
Soil erosion will be controlled.
The sea space is 71% kilometers, and the land space is only 29% kilometers.
Our bodies are also 70.
1% blood and liquid.
If people are keen to settle on the moon or Mars, why not settle on our oceans?
The crowded population on land can spread all over the world.
Floating colonies on the ocean have quick access to their floating factories, industries and offices.
It is impossible to plant trees, but the garden will make the colonies, factories and industries brighter.
71% of our Earth is surrounded by the ocean. High-
High-rise buildings on land are so Spaced that they can hinder the sun and limit the use of solar energy.
The fire broke out was a terrible problem.
In contrast, there is more luxury
There are many famous restaurants built by the sea in Dubai.
Mobile services can quickly put out the fire.
They don\'t even need to store water.
The axis is tilted 23. 40.
When the moon moves around the Earth, it will stabilize the axial tilt.
The Earth\'s orbit speed is 107,200 kilometers per hour, one lap a day.
About 366 kilometers around the Earth. 6 days.
The centrifugal force at the equator is the highest.
There is no salt in the wet air on the surface of the ocean.
Salt is an excellent electrical conductor.
CD-solar photovoltaic flexible film
Telluride zinc tin Electric
The coating will be waterproof.
The solar panels placed on the roof of the floating structure will be fully powered on as there will be no shading and sunlight blocking.
The corrosion resistance of the key components of the solar panel can be controlled by sacrificing the anode. (
The solar system itself is similar to the atomic structure. )
If ships, mobile industries and factories are in the opposite direction of the rotation of the Earth, they will take less time to reach their destination.
This is conducive to the transportation of goods.
Wind turbines should be installed on every plant ship, and solar panels should also contribute electricity.
Solar panels will run continuously in the sun, and strong winds at sea will power wind turbines day and night.
Solar energy can also be used at night.
This is the latest discovery.
The solar energy at night can use infrared short-wave long waves that produce 545 watts of electricity, while the sunlight radiation during the day produces 450 watts of electricity.
Capture infrared light through nano-antennas spread across solar panels.
The surface area of the nano antenna is quite large.
Capturing every bit of electricity is a big advantage.
The UV rays during the day produce 32 watts.
The gravity of the Moon produces continuous tidal waves.
These powerful waves are the energy that can really generate electricity.
Due to the temperature difference between the top surface and the bottom surface, ocean thermal energy in some locations can be effectively used for power generation (OTEC).
The tide is strong on the full moon day.
On the New Moon, the tidal intensity is low.
These cycle changes are natural.
Wind turbines make up for the lack of electricity.
Image: 01-Earth magnetic field, ocean around earthreferences website for 02-5 years: Ocean photo-John peterlake website: free solar online-use of solar website: Ning-Bo Solar (China)
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