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by:Top-In     2020-06-28
In this world of ours, there are a few leaders and there are billions of followers. Most of the people are the latter. I don't know whether I can be classed as a leader but I am definitely not a follower. I guess that's why I have always been self employed as I hate to be told what to do. If someone commands me to go left, I will tend to go right, even if I was planning to go left. My lovely wife knows that I will do anything for her if she asks but nothing if she demands. Maybe we evolved from pack animals and need someone to look up to and follow? Something I have never been able to understand is idol worship. You see this with sports teams, singers, film stars and any other celebrities. Just watch a performing rock star with hundreds of screaming, crying girls who would do literally anything for their idol. Just like my dog who idolizes me and is happy to trot around holding one of my shoes in his mouth the same as fans adore a signature of their idol or anything that he has touched. Beats me! Most people generally don't want to think for themselves and are easily manipulated. That's why advertising is so successful. If people realized that most of their food was full of chemical additives, MSG, coloring and artificial flavors, they probably wouldn't buy it but the constant ads showing instead how wonderful the taste is, convinces them to make purchases without any thought. Why would advertisers spend millions if their ads were not effective? Why do you think that an item is advertised for $19.95 instead of $20? Because, as far as the sheep are concerned, it will appear much cheaper. Why do retailers advertise products at 'Up to 80% off?' So that the sheep will think that everything is only 20% of the normal cost. Why are some products advertised with the words, 'May help to...' Because the manufacturers know that the products are useless but have to protect themselves from lawsuits and then they can claim that they only said that there was a slight possibility of it doing you any good. The sheep of course, believe that the product will be of benefit to them. The pharmaceutical companies use ads to push unnecessary products onto the masses, convincing them that they really need them. Drugs for a headache, backache or any other aches; drugs for a cold; drugs for a cough; drugs to wake you up; drugs to put you to sleep; vitamins; supplements, etc etc ad nauseam. I am, as of this writing, seventy eight years old and have never used any of them. No wonder that prescription drugs are the second most abused category of drugs after marijuana. There are literally hundreds of religions and cults, each claiming that theirs is the only true one and whichever belief one is born into and indoctrinated with, that is the one that will usually follow for life. Start a religious cult, doesn't matter how outrageous it is, the sheep are sure to follow. I remember a guy demonstrated this many years ago when he claimed that God didn't want animals showing their private parts and so horses and dogs should be clothed. People sent thousands of dollars to him until he announced that it was just a hoax. Governments of course support and promote religion as it is a good controlling force for them. They control by instilling fear of prison, while religions do it using the fear of Hell, so a combination is sure to work. It is estimated that over 90 percent of Americans believe in God. As most of them are Christians, they follow the biblical description of Jesus although there is absolutely no historical evidence that he ever existed, never mind performed all his claimed deeds...another example of brainwashing of children with their parents' beliefs. Christians got one thing right: 'The Lord is my Shepherd.' You know what THAT makes them. Why do people follow and adore even the cruelest dictators eg Hitler, Stalin, Mugabe, Kim Jong etc? Because they are sheep. Here in Indonesia where I am presently living, the people appear to be so gullible that really outrageous claims are made. There are ads for all manner of electric devices with magnets and vibrators that claim will make you lose weight. Sandals with magnetic studs that claim to increase your height by twenty centimeters and cure any medical problems that you may have. Whitening creams, that will turn your brown skin to pearly white. Herbal remedies that will cure tumors and cancer. Brain drinks for kids that will turn them into geniuses overnight. Of course people are generally brainwashed with this. As children they are taught to obey without question and instructed to 'Do what adults tell you.' Most parents do not want an independent, thinking child but rather an obedient, carbon copy of themselves. Governments of course are happy that most of their people don't think for themselves which is why they make laws for the most stupid. Stop at a traffic light in the middle of the night and, although you may be the only moving vehicle in the entire town, you are expected to wait there like a dummy, waiting for the idiot light to change. Selling expensive drugs enables the pharmaceutical companies to make billions but smoke a little marijuana or use other drugs that the government has arbitrarily declared illegal and you will then support the huge government prison system. All these government restrictions make the people much easier to control. Only when the people wake up to the fact that they have been fed a bunch of lies for generations, will they be inclined to do any protesting. In America, the people believe that only they are the good guys and are blind to the fact that their government does all the underhanded tricks that they complain about other countries doing. Think about fads. For example the Hula Hoop, Cabbage Patch Kid, Jumping Beans, Mood Rings, Lava Lamps, etc. Would take a real, thinking person own and care for a Pet Rock! Start a fad and the sheep will take it up. Saves thinking for oneself. Television caters to the sheep. A celebrity shows off a new hairstyle and millions of girls copy it. Oprah recommends a book and millions of people rush out to buy it. The political candidate with the most money for the best TV advertising is likely to win. Corporate controlled government controls the media and can instill love or hate of anyone in order to acquire their oil or to extend their influence. As described in Orwell's '1984' the public can be manipulated to hate any government selected enemy and thus support their destruction eg Saddam, Gadddafi, Osama etc and believe whatever lies their government cares to tell them. Why do people follow Valentine's Day or Mother's Day or all the other days? Because they are sheep. They have to have a designated day to do something, rather than think for themselves. I tell my wife several times a day that I love her and bring her flowers when I feel like it. I have no need for a special day, once a year to do this. Once you are obligated to do something, it loses all its meaning. So, think about it. The decision is actually yours, whether you are going to remain a follower or decide to start becoming an independent thinker.
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