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my a/c duct has fallen off under my mobile home - now what do i do?

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
Its mid-
On June, you have been waiting for the last moment to turn on the central air conditioning of your mobile home.
You hear it running, but nothing comes out of your vent, not only do you sweat, but you get frustrated. Don\'t sweat it.
You can do this common mobile home repair yourself.
First of all, let\'s determine what type of central air conditioner you have.
If you look out and see a unit that is much larger than your neighbor, you will most likely have the so-called \"self\"
Contains units \"or\" package units \".
You can confirm this further by looking at the rear of the device and you will see two circular pipes coming into the lower side of your home.
The two pipes are about 12 \"in diameter and are usually flexible pipes with plastic sheaths.
This unit has its own Blower bag, built with evaporator coils and condensate coils.
The problems you encounter are more common in this central air conditioner.
You have two areas to look.
First locate the return of cold air.
This is a large vent and is likely to be centrally located along the outer wall of the floor.
This is where the air conditioner attracts and adjusts the indoor air.
Remove the grill to ensure no replacement or cleaning of the filter material is required.
Most of the time, the filter material is reusable and only needs to be cleaned.
Further inspection to ensure that the pipe work is completely fixed on the sheet metal box where the filter slides in.
More efforts are needed in the second area.
Open the skirting to the underside of your home and find the location of another 12 \"pipe connected to the main pipe of your home.
Clean cardboard lay well on the ground before entering.
Cardboard keeps you clean and helps you get in and out of your home.
Most of the time, the solution is at home when this problem occurs.
The 12 \"supply pipe is easy to fall off the collar of the main pipe. A tell-
The sign of this story is that when you open the skirting you will be hit in the face by cold air.
Your air conditioner has cooled down the lower side of the house.
Maintenance personnel who usually do not have mobile home maintenance experience are usually the culprit of poor connection.
To fix the connection, slide the pipe back to the collar.
Use sheet metal screws with small washers to ensure long
Long lasting connection.
Do not use tape sealing when connecting.
This is an inferior product that will not last long.
Instead, use a brush-
On the pipe sealant and coated at the connection, make sure you seal all the way.
It\'s a bit messy, but it\'s guaranteed you won\'t have to fix it at home anymore.
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