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My friend had a classmate in high school who came

by:Top-In     2020-07-24
Clearly, the artist lives on, at least figuratively if not literally. I can only hope the hooded fellow from my friend's sophomore English class found his way to the most recent Coachella for the infamous hologram performance that left audience members reeling and (no doubt) marveling at the hallucinations produced by whatever substances they'd recently ingested. It might not have been flesh and bones, but the surprise 'resurrected' performance is plenty of fodder to keep conspiracy theorists on a speculative edge. Will this trend continue? Are holographic performances from deceased artists the next big thing in entertainment? I mean, Beatles tribute bands are one thing -- this new development takes it to an entirely new level. For example, I love me some Frank Sinatra. And Lisa 'Left-Eye' Lopez. And Patrick Swayze, for heaven's sake! But watching them live...? Except, minus the live part...? I feel slightly uncomfortable just thinking about it. If the holographic trend surges ahead, it might extend outside the boundaries of just deceased musical artists. Watching Martin Luther King, Jr. give his 'I have a dream' speech? Reliving Babe Ruth's days on the field? Any of the above could provide a veritable time-travel experience into history. But let's be honest -- with great power comes great responsibility, and some people are better off dead. (Not John Cusack, lest you think that was the film reference I was driving at.) I'm talking about the likes of Hitler and Osama bin Laden. If holograms go mainstream, you can bet extremist groups will be interested in using the technology to resurrect their notorious leaders to ignite passion and inspire new generations of followers. Um, no thank you. If you're ready to road trip to the next Coachella in hopes of catching a glimpse of Tupac or other beloved deceased artists, then by all means, be my guest. I think I'll stick with YouTube clips to satiate any desire to see an old favorite take the stage. And on a last note, my money's definitely on Michael Jackson as the next hologram to hit the scene. Is that even a question? And then probably Cher. I know she's still alive, but she's had about 50 farewell tours, so why not?
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