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mylar sheet: different uses of this plastic sheet

by:Top-In     2020-01-07
These are a few examples of how a page is useful.
Transparent film is used in many industries and then applied to polyester film.
End user Mylar polyester film covers UV protection coating (ultraviolet)
The brand\'s Inhibitors and specific adhesives.
The window color and energy of some films can be metallized, especially the solar suppression properties of energy power.
Different views give new life to these polyester films and paper.
Most electronic screens use polyester film.
This film is coated with a dispersed varnish for the method of the back
Lighting, or protectionglare or anti-glare coating.
Then laminate the film in front of the screen to make it easier to read when the light is strong.
Mylar sheets add durability to frequently used cards.
It extends the different cards that are usually used to collect regular University tickets, prepaid phones and ID cards.
Mylar sheets are used to cover important documents as they protect them from damage.
Various applications of polyester film include printing, photoprinting, copying, digital printing, inkjet printing, flat printing, offset printing and screen printing.
Note that the leaves must be covered with special coatings optimized for a given printing process.
Mylar sheets make labels more durable and increase resistance to different natural factors that cause file wear.
Many applications today require labels not only to be difficult, but also to be tear-resistant and heat-resistant at the same time. Mylar (
Polyester in this case)
Movies are just such applications.
Usually, the Mella or polyester film provided by the on-demand market is coated with glue on one side and on the other, so that it can be easily printed through the specified printing technology.
Mylar sheets are one of the products that prove their quality and price value in the market.
There used to be a time when mylar was leading with the highest sales, but its position declined as competition intensified.
It is still one of the best selling products in the polyester market.
With its durability, resistance and a variety of physical properties, mylar is in high demand.
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