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online shopper; ouija boards to motherboards in online bazaar

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Michelle Slater Lanov
2000 when I grew up, my family greeted the festival with a sacred tradition: we shop.
We are also very concerned about the ceremony of packaging, which usually leads to painful allegations that some people stock up on expensive silver foil and anti-packaging
The cost of excessive use of cellophane tape.
In the crazy three, the rally reached a climax.
A one-minute celebration, 40 gathered relatives tore apart 400 gifts at the same time, filling up the shared space with so many abandoned packages that one year my mother could not see the baby.
Luckily, my father rushed in with an online shopper group of my brothers and huge bags.
They call coordinates. -
\"There is an unsafe gift card at four points \"--
Their new walkie-talkie.
Speak from the neck of the weak or the elderly and remove the stray ribbon.
Given my history, you may expect the arrival of the annual holiday shopping season to stir up warm memories.
But now that I am a mother, I am afraid to set a bad example.
So I condemn the frenetic consumerism and all the other low
Ideological Activities (
Drinking at parties, dancing with strangers, watching TV while eating)
I used to think it was civil rights.
As a compromise, I decided to buy holiday gifts online.
So I can shop. -
Private occasions at home-
While keeping my public opposition to consumerism, consumerism itself is a festival tradition.
\"Back in 1840, people were as worried as you were about it being too commercial, but they still spent a lot of money,\" said Stephen nisbaum . \" A history professor at the University of Massachusetts and author of the battle of Christianity (Knopf, 1996).
\"By giving in to the temptation of shopping, whether you are going to a shopping mall or shopping online, you are respecting the historical facts of the business spirit.
According to Nielsen/NetRatings audience measurement services, 55 million of others, 14 million more than last year, will shop online this holiday, which is not a tradition.
Efficiency: Don\'t drive to the mall.
No parking in line.
Santa without carols
Still, shoppers like me are skeptical about online stores, thanks to last year\'s unstable delivery and poor customer service, which prompted the FTC to treat CDNow and Toysrus, etc. com (
This year, the company merged with Amazon.
To avoid another disaster last year).
Remember how hard it was to connect to traffic a year ago --jammed Toysrus.
This year, I started online holiday shopping in October. (I know;
I hate me too. )
My first stop was the old Navy site, which barely worked properly during the last holiday.
At 1999, the only thing you can buy is a gift card that can be redeemed at one of the company\'s 650 physical stores.
This year, the old Navy opened
By August, the service website sold thousands of products and became the most popular website.
Visited the online clothing website, 1.
The month received 2 million tourists.
\"This year, many websites are closed, which brings shoppers back to the big brands they trust . \"
Business strategy for NetRatings.
\"So offline giants, such as Kmart, Best Buy and the Old Navy, who had little or no network presence last year, will see a significant increase in online business during the holidays. \'\'Oldnavy.
Com\'s customer service policy assures me that I can return any gift (
If they don\'t fit, or just an ugly color)
To avoid the hassle of shipping, I went to a real store in the company, so I ordered slippers and pajamas for my two older daughters. In the child-
The feeding business, this dull and practical gift has a dual purpose, that is, to set a good example and in the end there is no additional cost.
My 3 zip pajamasyear-
Even if she showed up at 2 in the morning, it looks like she won. m.
Complained at my bedside that a glass of water was out of stock.
I bought a pair of performance wool boots, pink, $7.
50 \", and consider yourself lucky, at least the website is honest about the availability of the goods.
\"More and more sites have learned this lesson this year so that they can avoid last year\'s fiasco because many customers are not aware of issues such as late shipping,\" said Molly Upton . \", Editor of E-Commerce Trends, a newsletter published by market research firm IDC.
Last spring, IDC\'s survey of 100 online retailers found that the proportion of websites providing online order tracking services to customers during the holiday season will rise from 40% last year to 22%.
When I visited the ad for 800.
For example, I found a redesigned website designed to make customers more comfortable with the purchase of the site\'s goods: 2,000 consumer electronics products from over 65 manufacturers.
\"We have to do this because consumer electronics is something people like to have but hate to buy,\" said Greg Drew, President and CEO of the site . \".
\"With expensive and sophisticated products like televisions, DVD players, or digital cameras, they expect to really master the customer service in their hands.
In addition to describing an item and showing its price (800.
Com does not charge sales tax as the company operates in Oregonsales-tax states)
, Each page indicates whether the product is in stock, whether there is a, and whether the product must be specialordered.
Imagine how grateful they would be if I bought their daughters their own VTech cordless phone in translucent color (
$34, purple, green or blue. 95 each)
I have been looking at product descriptions.
Of course, putting the phone in the bedroom will set a bad example;
I might as well buy them a lighter ($5.
95 from Stogiesonline. com).
Now that I think about it, most of what my two older daughters really want to get ---
Cheap cosmetics, expensive cosmetics, portable MP3 player (
$150 to $350, $800. com)
Encourage them to steal music from the internet-
Will fall into the same sad category.
If you are trying to avoid bad effects, it may not be possible to buy for your children what they really want.
This would greatly help explain why I received a Cher Christmas album in junior high school.
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I tried to prove that the assumption was wrong, which gave me a gift --
Suggestion site called surprise.
Com, it promises to recommend something to my kids that they really want.
I am very cautious because I think of a perfunctory gift.
I visited some suggested sites last year that tend to recommend non-personal items like Australian nuts in cans that people can find at the airport gift shop. But Surprise.
In fact, I was surprised to recommend interesting gifts.
This is how it works.
Who did I click on?
On the main page, I have listed 3,500 creative gifts for 250 categories of recipients such as movie lovers, caffeine fans, and former New Yorkers.
The suggestions are submitted by the site users and if they submit the site\'s most popular gift ideas, they will receive a cash reward.
To find a gift for my brother, I clicked on an unusual sense of humor and the category included a balloon shaped like a deer head: \"Hang this over the fireplace and no one gets hurt!
Note: Do not hang too close to the fire ($19. 95).
Finally, I decided that he might prefer the walkie-talkie.
Maybe my parents will buy it for him.
In order to find a gift for my daughter, I clicked on the kids and then clicked on the sub-categories of their age and received suggestions for some games like a set of magic and Hi-Ho Cherry-
A very popular board game when I was a child.
Surprise ads though.
Com suggested that I buy these things in eToys, which surprised me.
Com committee, I try comparison shopping by visiting Google search site and entering \"hi-\"Ho Cherry-O.
The best price I found was $4.
At AreYouGame 99.
Much less than $8.
There are 99 ads on EToys. com.
While many of the leading online toy sellers were out of business last year, thousands of smaller stores still sell top sellers such as electronic toys, Amazon and KBKids. com.
Although I have never heard of the areyou game.
Com, speaking of buying toys, I\'m still willing to leave the biggest retailer to look for unusual or quirky items like the desktop magnetic theater at Petra toys ($19. 98)
I\'m from Toys2wish4. com.
Now, I want this toy too.
Shopping Adventures in previous years, I can play toy trains and dolls in the store if I want.
\"The Internet\'s faceless face really takes away a person in the crowd, looking at people\'s eyes, and smiling at the experience of change,\" Penne Restad said . \", A historian at the University of Texas, author of Christmas in America: History (Oxford, 1995).
\"What is lost is the social experience of shopping, and the excitement in the changing time and space as the holidays approach. \'\'Dr.
Restad says she likes to take her children to nearby holidays for shopping with the aim of \"eye contact, making people smile, remember it\'s a holiday.
But I comforted myself in the game of areyoum.
Com, I copied the feeling of some social interaction by emailmail.
After searching through the game loft, I sent a message to the customer service department of the website, which is a database of about 900of-print games (
The website sells both new and old)
Sparked memories of playing a board game called Mystery dating in the 1960s s.
Can you help me find it? \'\' I asked. I received an email.
The Mail replied to the news about your game in less than a day.
Com found the mysterious date, but the $100 price reminded me that this is a game with cult followers and there is also a politically incorrect premise: the winner is the player who collects the right color
Coordinate clothing and accessories before her boyfriend comes to take her to the ball.
I bought it instead. Hi. Ho Cherry-
O, Ouija board in 50 magic shows and websites 2,000 in-
Print Games and puzzles.
The website gave me $5 for orders over $20.
Bob Muger, founder of the company, said the $5 discount was one of the first series of rotating promotions offered by the sitetime customers.
The ad \"for example, we rotate the games of the Milton Bradley and the Parker Brothers, and the price may change over time ,\"Moog said.
\"But since we focus only on games and puzzles, we work closely with manufacturers and sometimes get very good prices, especially on products that are discontinued.
We just mix all the prices together to make the site competitive.
After purchase (
Completed in two weeks)
I realized another time
The consumption task is still in front: packaging.
Although I am very happy to use the new Three
3D virtual male model on the land terminal website as a guide for my husband to buy clothes (
When he was napping, I measured his arm length and inside with a tape measure)
I gave up the site\'s $5 option to wrap the gift in a bright grid box.
Packaging is a festival ceremony I can\'t give up.
To avoid a quarrel, I ordered a personal desktop clear tape dispenser with rubber anti-slip base from each family member ($7. 99 from Staplescom).
But I want to save the foil for special use.
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A version of this article was printed on page G00001 of the National edition on November 16, 2000 with the title: online shoppers;
Ouija motherboard on the online marketplace.
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