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PET metalized film
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PET metallized thermal laminating film

PET metallized thermal laminating film
Metallized PET Thermal Lamination Films, It also called EVA coated metallized PET film, EVA coated PET film, which is used as packaging material by laminating on prints such as prints papers like gift box, medicine box, presentation folders,  posters, documents, etc. A grad hot melt adhesive glue of EVA is a significant factore for ensuring a high quality of final goods.

Metallized pet thermal lamination film comes out as the aluminum paper effect when it laminates with paper.

It is used to laminate on the daily consumable packing box, such as the box of grocery,medicine, wine etc.It serves strong adhesion, perfect surface tension and nice rewinding,with single or double sides corona treatment valued above 42 dyne.

We supply metallized pet thermal laminating film in silver and gold, mainly at 24micron and 20micron

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