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Saturday letters: How to use that green bin

by:Top-In     2020-07-30
We have a small OCDSB high school project in Stittsville called Frederick Banting alternate website.
We compost food and paper towel waste at school to transfer waste from landfill sites.
On Friday, before bringing blue, black and compost to the recycling audit area outside my class, the students got together to make a one-week compost pad from the newspaper.
In order to ensure safety, we have found that the dyes used by citizens are vegetables --
Foundation and safety of compost.
We receive several Daily Citizen newspapers every day.
We collect used newspapers within a week and once they are read they are re-used in the compost pad.
We have been doing it for a few years now, and simple origami design comes from.
We have small compost bins in about 30 areas of the whole school.
It was an interesting and relaxed activity and the students were satisfied with it.
Sometimes we even wear them when we make pads (
They can be party hats).
When each class carries a final check/classroom area rating with compost and recyclable items for best weekly recycling and compost practices, we move them from the mini bins to the larger green bins and take them to the waiting area before we pick them each weekup by city.
At the bottom of the larger green bin, we place small boxes such as open grain boxes or several pages of newspapers or other similar items.
We don\'t have to pay for these expensive stores.
The liner was purchased and plastic will not be used as more and more information about the health impact of plastic appears.
Students are also trying to reduce the waste of plastic on the lid of the coffee cup and must not change
From fast food restaurants and coffee shops to packed lids, recyclable coffee cup covers.
They\'re also promoting Lug-A-
As a first step in reducing waste of plastic and paper, mug.
Janet Perry, science, Frederick Banting alternate, StittsvilleWe fold the newspaper as instructed to make paper stacking bags for our green bins.
News paper is a good material for compost.
You can also fold your trash into a newspaper package like your family did a few years ago.
The secret is to take it carefully to the green bin.
Gordon and Gordon Walt of stittsvilei agreed that paper bags may not be enough to accommodate compost-capable waste.
My answer is to use a plastic bag in my kitchen container and dump the contents into a large outdoor green bin lined with a paper bag for this purpose.
I used the plastic bag several times before dropping it.
In winter, I only put the green on the side of the road when the green is full, thus saving the liner bag (
Although this won\'t work in the heat of summer).
On the other hand, the motivation to reduce, reuse and reuse in the 1980 s was the energy crisis.
Now that we have excess energy, the drive to reduce and reuse is gone, and people comfort their conscience with recycling.
Most people pay little attention to the rules.
People only need to look at what people throw into the bin and realize that many things are unrecyclable.
We urgently need a comprehensive education program to make these three Rs valuable measures to combat the damage caused by our throwingaway society.
Jill Courtemanche, OttawaI is also concerned about the city undertaking plastic and shit in eco-friendly bins.
Unfortunately, the debate on these small issues has distorted the real question of how to reduce waste.
The question should be: why only residents use their green bins, what can cities do to reduce waste and extend the life of our land. The proposed changes will not encourage people to use their green bins and will only result in another tax increase.
Removing plastic will cost more and will reduce the quality of compost. A lose-
It is a loss for all, especially those who care about the environment.
The city did not spend any money to inform the residents of what was in the recycling box.
As I walked my dog, I saw many black and blue bins filled with unacceptable items.
People just don\'t know what is recyclable.
It\'s time for urban innovation to find real solutions to the garbage problem.
Other communities have tried it.
Why not OttawaRebecca dafton, OttawaI had to admit that I was a foggy vote on the urban environmental and environmental protection committee turned out of the Environmental Protection bin.
I followed closely the meetings of the committee as a whole.
The quantity and quality of the questions raised to the staff was impressive, particularly by members Jeff Lepp, Catherine McKenny, Riley Brockington and Jean crotier
Obviously the staff did not give a good answer.
But only Leiper and McKenny voted against it. Coun.
Tobi Nussbaum, who is not a member of the committee, wrote down the reasons for his \"no\" vote in the plenary session of the city council.
He did his homework.
But it looks like Cloutier is the same as Brockington.
Both look reasonable, clear and thorough;
However, they came across (political)conclusions.
It seems to me that the change in the city\'s waste management policy approach is like the city rushing to put \"lipstick\" on pigs before the fall election, rather than trying to get through thoughtful --
Long term planterm vision.
Brian Tansey, motor woska OttawaI lives bigger.
The Borman industry company in Renfrew County is collecting plastic bags in recycling bins and taking them to the dump.
Renfrew paid them to do that.
Similar strange acts have taken place in Quebec.
It seems almost impossible for these products to be recycled.
If we can\'t recycle plastic bags and foam, we should ban these products.
The foam plastic in the package can be replaced with cardboard.
Perhaps a recyclable plastic tray can be used instead of a meat plate.
Plastic film in food grocery bags can be replaced with cloth reusable bags.
All other plastic films should be replaced with biodegradable products.
I hope to be authorized within two years.
Kevin dunba, renfreu
Kelly Egan\'s problems with finding parking spaces prove the market\'s failure.
The various rigidity of the parking service market makes parking prices unable to rise, which will increase supply and reduce demand.
EGEN is obviously willing to pay for the parking, but nothing.
Why did the market not respond properly, perhaps because of the government (i. e. city)
Participate in the market.
Perhaps City parking has artificially lowered prices and prevented private investment in parking services.
This topic deserves further discussion or investigation by eager columnist/journalist.
Bob Brocklebank in OttawaAre, we really don\'t have to park in the city center.
But the reason you can never find a parking space in the city center is, to 9. m.
Or earlier, every place at the heart of the center was occupied by daily commuters: Commuters were the same in the past and now, encouraging public transport to work.
Even the metering point has a daily commuter car;
Their driver rides from place to place all day.
This leaves few or no parking spaces for users who occasionally want to do business in the city center: shoppers, tourists, people who go to meetings, maintenance personnel or health care or service providers, etc.
This could get worse as the new building does not require visitors to park.
The proof of who is using the downtown lot is that within a week-
Finally, many of these lots are free-many don\'t even operate.
Similarly, many enterprises with only working days (commuter)
Shoppers close on weekends.
It\'s a terrible disconnect, a waste of resources, and it needs to be addressed if we want to have a vibrant city center again.
Judith Lyon and Brenda Knight representative working group @ OttawaYes, 151 Black Bay Street, the city-to-car.
I discovered this a while ago when I contacted the city representative and they were reluctant to make it easier for people to use the roundabout instead of the lights to move around.
There are many places in Ottawa and nearby that can easily be installed around the island, not lights.
Milton and Russell Road.
There are new communities.
The maintenance cost of the lights is high and does not work during power outages and will not last forever.
In addition to the economic debate, research has shown that life will be saved around the island. Four-
Parking and traffic lights can run, and the result is often-fatal T-bone impacts.
This is not the case around the island.
Drivers must slow down sharply to inspect vehicles around the island;
Even if they make mistakes, the results are rarely fatal.
And the island is much greener than the traffic lights.
In our beautiful city, how many endless fossil fuels are burned in a year by thousands of cars that are idle on red lights, which is why Australia and New Zealand (And many others)
Use the roundabout as the default solution for Canadian traffic.
Paul Harwood in Ottawa has expanded with new developments in the east, west and south, and traffic circles must give priority to traditional intersections to further strengthen safety and reduce casualties.
In the face of public health and traffic safety, nothing will go so smoothly.
Is the public health and safety advocate Therien engeemile Therien the reason for this challenge facing the city? OttawaIt was a bit rich to hear Ottawa MPs cry for not being able to find funds to fund traffic safety measures at the dangerous crossroads in Ottawa.
Aren\'t they the ones who recently passed the city budget? Aren\'t they people who are willing to spend tens of millions of dollars on the bike trail for a fraction of our population? aren\'t they everyone crowding out other budget projects to find money for LRTWhy, why don\'t we hear their pain when the budget starts to be discussed, they worry is right, but they complain is pointless if it\'s someone else\'s fault
As for their frustration with the search warrant system, people definitely need the standards set by professionals who know traffic safety better than our consultants.
The authorization system is a valuable tool for setting priorities.
It should be respected, or, if it doesn\'t work properly, replaced by a better system that objectively shows that we should invest in traffic safety.
If it were left to members of parliament and their \"local priorities\", we would end up with unnecessary traffic signals and the proliferation of roundabout, as it is now --Four everywhereway stops.
Despite suggestions from city traffic engineers, they are almost on demand in many cases, and in fact they make intersections more dangerous.
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