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scientific study on use of pet bottles in pharma industry soon

by:Top-In     2020-08-09
Mumbai: A Study on the applicability of PET bottles in the pharmaceutical industry is expected to begin soon.
Institute of Packaging, India (IIP)
In order to close the debate on whether the bottle storage drug is safe or not, I will conduct this study.
The debate against its use began in 2013, when the department\'s technical advisory committee on drugs (DTAB)
It is recommended to phase out the use of plastic/PET containers in liquid oral preparations for primary packaging of pediatric, geriatric medicine, women of childbearing age and pregnant women preparations.
Plastic makers are unhappy with the move and say it will cost the industry millions of rupees.
Since then, IIP has received requests from different stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry for detailed research in this regard.
\"We intend to conduct a detailed assessment of the use of PET bottles as the primary packaging medium for different types of pharmaceutical preparations for the use of different age and gender groups in the pharmaceutical industry, dr. NC Saha, director of IIP, said.
\"In the polymer industry, it is mainly used as a plasticizer to increase elasticity,\" Saha explained.
They are mainly used to soften PVC (PVC).
It is known that some of these O-benzene Ester plasticizer are endocrine-destroying chemicals (EDCs).
While the technical term for the PET bottle is polybendiester, we need to determine how many of these O-bendiester actually exist in the PET resin or bottle.
\"IIP has purchased advanced equipment to determine the quantity and presence of different types of neighboring benzene Ester and other chemicals in PET bottles.
\"We are going to get a few parts per billion precision through these devices,\" he said . \".
This study will be challenging because several samples and grades of PET bottles currently used for primary packaging of drugs under different environmental conditions must be tested and evaluated.
Indian Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (IDMA)
The decision of the Union\'s health ministry has been questioned, saying it is not based on any scientific findings.
It also wrote to the prime minister\'s office that Glass was the only alternative to PET, A ton of lakh metric tons of PET used in the pharmaceutical market will have to be replaced by 9 tons of lakh metric tons of PET glass metric tons per year.
Due to a shortage of glass containers, there may be a shortage of liquid drugs.
They also claim that the cost of transportation will increase by 50%, as only 90,000 glass bottles can be transported in one container compared to 1.
5 lakh PET bottles.
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