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Seeing Digital Signage at the tipping point

by:Top-In     2020-07-23
This year's event is showing a great range of forward-looking products and solutions, most noted are certainly the explosion in 3D market led by gaming, television and film - and the increase of wireless network technology connectivity to common infrastructure. Other key developments are the emergence of LED and laser illuminated projectors and future SCI-FI looking screens & displays. Digital signage is clearly at the tipping point to establish itself as a subset in the marketing mix as it is the only medium which can extend campaigns from above-the -line media to point of sale. With a growing spend of almost 15% over the last year, market analysts expect an even greater growth to come with a large focus on 'Green' and smarter aggregation platforms to emerge. Focus in spend will slightly shift to After sales Services and Infrastructure maintenance to assure expected ROI. Change and Change again The pace of change in visual communications is accelerating- but for the first time in many years, developments are led by business as opposed to technology installation. New users of visual communication technology look set to have a particular dramatic impact. There will be a shift from 'group' to 'personal' VC solutions. ConeXus World keeps a close eye on this and introduced his partnership with Gold Mobile to enhance this new digital signage evolution. About the Event ISE 2011 is the largest AV and systems show ever held in Europe. Over 700 exhibitors were showing their wares at the Amsterdam RAI from 1-3 February, another significant increase on the 2010 figure of 640. Of these, over 100 will be new to ISE, with these newcomers being drawn from a broad range of industries including building automation, unified communications, event production, digital signage, visualisation and lighting control. Attendee numbers followed a similar trend with a total attendance in excess of 30,000 ( 14 %) . This reflects the range and appeal of the new activities The show floor featured a dedicated 3D Theatre, a pre-show Conference programme three times the size of that in 2010, Stunning AV technology debuts parent associations InfoComm and CEDIA have both added on-site certification testing to their education offerings It all adds up to a networking technology and business development opportunity that is second to none. 'No other event in Europe rivals ISE in terms of growth, innovation and plain old-fashioned excitement. From both a technological and a business perspective, ISE 2011 truly offered 'all the connections you need'.' ConeXus World underwrites his ambition to be a leader and trusted partner in the design, development and deployment of Digital Signage infrastructure and Visual Communications projects all over the world! Our main focus relies in offering best in class local installation and managed support services while preserving Single Point of Entry. To assure our primal ranking we partner and communicate continuously with the Leading Solution Providers to determine new evolutions and up scaled technical requirements.
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