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Shoppers slam Asda for selling peeled ‘whole’ pineapple inside plastic box

by:Top-In     2020-07-30
ASDA is ashamed of selling peeled pineapple
Sealed in a plastic box.
School teacher Jeff peidley found this in a shop near his home in Essex grace, and he could hardly believe his eyes. The 33-year-
Old ironically posted a snapshot on social media and asked the supermarket: \"Do you know that pineapple is your own natural shell?
The picture shows 1 pound.
75 pineapples, its crust and core have been removed and included in a plastic box with a plastic film cover.
His post has aroused suspicion and anger among social media users.
Bec McKeown said: \"But, do you mean that you really want people to peel things themselves?
@ Kjerrlor_73 said, \"hasn\'t Asda heard of plastic pollution?
@ Daz _ arison commented: \"There is no recycled plastic.
\"You are so shameful, most stores are trying to cut plastic packaging and plastic suffocates the Earth, which is not necessary at all,\" said Ceridwen coolby . \".
\"Like Jeff said.
Wrapped in nature
Dean Probert jokingly said: \"There is really no Peel for this packaged pineapple.
In his speech today, Jeff said that offering this product by Asda is \"a pleasure\" to protect the environment \".
He said: \"We all know, single
Using plastic is good for the environment.
\"I personally attended a beach --
On the cleaning project on the gray Thames, I was used to seeing thousands of plastic washed ashore.
\"It must be said that most supermarkets seem to be actively starting to reduce the use of plastic, so it\'s a bit of a hassle for Asda to do the opposite and cover the fruit (
There are already Natural cases)
Use plastic at once.
\"People put convenience above environmental value.
An Asda spokesperson said: \"reducing plastics is very important to us, which is why in the past year, we have removed 6,500 tons of unnecessary plastic packaging from our own brand products, and is committed to ensuring that all of our packaging is fully recyclable by 2025
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