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shorko prepares for the packaging challenge of the 1990s.

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Shorko is ready to meet the packaging challenge of 1990, because high technology has had an increasing impact on 1990 of the food packaging industry, and only those companies with foresight and resource investment research can compete on an international scale.
As part of the Courtaulds organization, Shorko Films is determined to consolidate its dominant position in flexible packaging in the new decade. A [pounds]50m.
The investment plan for the past five years has reached a climax, setting a recordbreaking co-
The extrusion polypropylene production line of the company\'s Swindon factory.
The production line is part of the process of Shorko\'s continuous improvement of film manufacturing technology, service to customers, and film range and quality.
The new production line can be produced at high speed and produce various Shaw films already established in the food market with the highest quality.
Including the best-
Sales transparent SCB
Pillar of Shorko\'s business over the years-and Shorko-
M, the original OPP metal film, with its excellent light and odor barrier function and display possibilities, completely changed the quality of the snack market.
Easy to break seal
Through a major breakthrough from the company, a film with a wide range of heat seals has been developed and can be used to manufacture laminated materials that are easy to seal, ideal for applications using high-speed formsfill-
Sealing or wrapping machinery.
Including SCF, SCA, Shorko-MF and Shorko-
PF, complete the company\'s wide range of heat-sealing films in transparent, metal and opaque options. Shorko-
MF is a new type of metal film specially designed for laminating materials, combining the advantages of high barrier and improved Shorko-
H, has the advantage of wide sealing range.
This is an important factor in sealing integrity or increasing the speed of the machine, depending on the machine, the potential speed increase is up to 50%.
The sealing temperature range is wide and is also suitable for sensitive products, such as chocolate, which may be affected by the high sealing temperature. In-
Like all movies with wide sealing range, Shorko-MF has the in-
Versatility for horizontal, vertical form-fill-
Seal the machine and laminated packaging with another simple sealing film.
The film went through a rigorous testing and customer testing process before being listed on the product list last year.
First commercial use of Shorko
MF is a laminated material for SCB.
Dutch packaging converter Strabo Verpakkingen Den Dolver, in collaboration with Unilever Group\'s Unox, produced a striking HFFS metal packaging for the company\'s Rookworst,
Shorko for easy sealing lamination-
MF is being widely accepted, especially on the African continent.
As in the biscuit industry, in some applications, the enhanced appearance, excellent barrier performance and good sealing integrity are highly valued.
The ability to Polish and print the laminate to ensure that there is no ink or metal contaminated product makes the structure ideal for food packaging.
For this application, SCA or already established SCF will be laminated to Shorko-MF.
Whiter than opaque Xiao Ke
The white opaque version PF of the wide thermal sealing range film has also been tested and tested.
This allows customers looking for film opacity and white to also get a higher HFFS machine speed.
This has proven to be a multi-packaged single network, in which case the high opacity means that the barcode of the product inside the package shows much less danger through the confusing barcode reader.
White also eliminates the need to use white ink during printing, so the converter can implement a more complex design on the same device. Shorko-
PF has great flexibility in use.
A movie can be used in a separate network or in a simple network
White is priceless in this case.
It can be used on HFFS or VFFS machines or for hot or cold sealing applications.
The third addition to the wide heat sealing range in Shorko SCA --
A highly transparent film came into being in applications where sealing integrity is critical.
The film was originally developed for the US market and was designed to improve sealing integrity and thermal stickiness.
In a thinner gauge, it is suitable for a variety of laminating applications, including applications using water
Base adhesive-
It is mainly used in the US market.
As the largest supplier of cooperation, occupy an increasing share in the expanding market.
Worldwide, Shorko plays a key role in a dynamic industry.
The global market for OPP is broad and growing rapidly.
In the past decade, only one annual growth rate was below 10% per cent, and world demand in 1988 was estimated at 820,000 tons.
Shorko Films has taken the lead in OPP\'s total sales and will earn a bigger share by expanding global production.
The fastest growing part of the OPP market is co-
Shorko dominates the ex sector.
With the new production line, the company\'s production capacity in Europe exceeds 50,000 tons per year.
Last year, Europe remained the largest single market with a production capacity of 250,000 tons, which is the main target area of Xiao Ke.
It accounts for 80% of sales, and the first priority for shorco film is to maintain its momentum in this strategic market.
But the company\'s increased capacity will allow it to expand sales outside Europe.
North America, for example, has become an increasingly important market for the company, with branch and warehousing operations in Pennsylvania, USA.
The market range covered by Shorko has also grown significantly and now covers snacks, sweets, biscuits, baked goods and tobacco.
The long-term plan is supported by a large-scale R & D program that is constantly working on producing new film types to meet the changing market needs.
These can now be developed on f3m.
The company built a pilot line at the Research Center in Bridgewater, UK.
In recent years, the new family of films with wide heat sealing range has been listed, and more projects are in the pipeline.
The company has also implemented a complex, computerized management planning and control system designed to maintain a high level of customer service and operational efficiency.
The new OPP line of Shorko is the broken leader of the new f23m. co-
Several claims for the extrusion OPP production line commissioned on last October.
It is 8 m wide, the widest line in the world, with a potential of 350 m per minute and the fastest.
These factors are combined to make it the highest capacity
Extrusion OPP production line in production
The annual potential output exceeds 15,000 tons.
To measure the degree of improvement, this line is 30% faster than the maximum line width of the previous Swindon, 30% faster.
The extruder can handle up to five tons of polypropylene resin per hour, and the film roll produced is more than twice the weight of the previous production line.
The giant machine is more than 140 long from one end to the other.
It took only nine months to install.
A hard job is to raise the roof of the plant to accommodate the highest equipment while not interfering with the production of the other three production lines of the plant.
This technology is based on the method of trying and testing in nearly 25 years of collaborative experience
Extrusion OPP manufacturing-
Unparalleled experience in this field.
All components of this production line are individually selected by Shorko engineers from the best equipment around the world based on the results of Shorko\'s development work and the benefits of close cooperation
Work with top manufacturers.
The new computerized process control system has achieved a major breakthrough in online technology.
Highly automated and in-
Shorko production line is no stranger, but this is the first time Swindon has fully integrated control of the production line from the central console. Nibb-
It International (UK), the Bradford-
S. -based snack makers have chosen the Shorko film as a package for their redesigned snack range.
The company is part of the Dalgety group, which produces a variety of delicious snacks such as Wheelz, Chipz and recently launched Hoopz.
These products were originally packaged in ICI Propafilm C28 or C34 with a converter-
Coating of PVdC lacquer.
It and coldense, a flexible package converter, recommend switching the switch to a more cost-effective system. The computerized system contains more than 3000 input and output control points, providing greater material control accuracy at all stages of the process. Its in-
The wire gauge control system allows continuous fine-tuning and ensures a uniform thickness of the entire eight-meter mesh.
One of the main advantages is that the production line can be very effective to switch from one film type to another, thus achieving shorter and more economical operation.
The choice of computer systems is based on the two-year test results of the company\'s French production plant, where two smaller production lines are installed with process control.
Over the past two years it has increased production there by 30%.
The quality generated by this level of control and the obvious advantages of long uninterrupted operation mean that the new production line will bring great benefits in terms of product consistency and quality, and it will flow to customers.
It is planned to convert three early production lines of Swindon into a central process control system to further illustrate the structure of the SCB 30 or SCB 35
Depending on the size of the package.
After a successful test
Mainly turned to the Shaw film.
At the same time, with the use of Gloss ink and eye-catching modern four-
The design of color flexo adds refinement.
This is enhanced by the independent use of gold ink on the wheel z package.
There is a wide variety of designs covering three packaging sizes and exotic flavors such as onion and vinegar, Mexican spices and delicious. company\'s on-
Committed to providing the world\'s leading products in the market.
At Swindon, 80% of production capacity is now under six years old. Shorko -
The history of Shorko film is based on decades of experience, just as long as the history of the polypropylene film itself --
It can be traced back to the beginning of 1960, but the background of the production of flexible packaging film by Courtaulds Group can be traced back to the beginning of glass paper production more than 50 years ago.
English glass paper (
Now Courtaulds movies)
It will soon be recognized that this new type of polypropylene film will have a place in the packaging film market.
In 1962, the company started a research program on OPP manufacturing.
Shorko, the second year (
A joint venture between Shell, metal box and Kordite. )
Start production OPP, use co-
The extrusion process provides heat sealing rather than a more standard shutdown
Wire coating process.
Bought Swindon\'s Shorko in 1969 UK cellophane, and abandoned its coating film production the following year to cooperate. extruded films.
History has proved the good significance of the move, as many other European manufacturers have turned to this type of film in more than 1970 years.
With sales increasing to 250,000 tons over the years, Shorko can no doubt claim to be the most experienced co-extruded OPP.
The company also expanded its production facilities to other countries.
In 1983, Courtaulds acquired an OPP production plant in Mantesla-
Julie, near Paris, is from the Rhone prenck film company.
In 1984, Australia\'s Shaco company was jointly established with Shell, and a new f12m was established earlier this year.
The OP line is in Albury-
Wodonga plant, increasing total production capacity to 12,000 tons of films per year for the Australian, New Zealand and Southeast Asian markets.
Photo: New process control equipment for Shaco film company Swindon factory
The nerve center of the new production line.
Photo: The Movie stream of Shorko in Swindon\'s new line 8 m wide
The widest and fastest co-extrusion OPP production line in the world.
Picture: cutting machine-
In order to deal with the ultra-wide volume of the new series of shawko films, we made a volume according to the customer\'s requirements.
Photo: 8 m wide film on Shorko\'s new production line
They weigh twice as much as Swindon\'s other lines.
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