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Should you use Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressings?

by:Top-In     2020-06-13
3M Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressing is a transparent film dressing used for many different applications. Including but not subject to providing a breathable bacterial barrier to outside contaminants as a primary or secondary dressing for Abrasions, skin tears, blisters, Skin graft donor sites, Superficial partial thickness burns, Stage I or II pressure ulcers, Autolytic debridement, Protective eye coverings, Skin protection against moisture as well as friction and Clean, closed surgical incisions. Tegadern transparent dressings may also be used to cover and secure I.V. devices such as Peripheral and midline venous catheters, Central venous catheters, Implanted infusion devices (ports), Dialysis catheters, Pulmonary artery catheters, Arterial catheters and Epidural catheters. Tegaderm Transparent Film Dressings come in variety of sizes and offer a unique 'picture frame' or 'first aid' delivery system which allows for a precise, secure placement of the transparent film dressing every time. Tegaderms breathable film characteristics provides a bacterial and viral barrier to outside contaminants. 3M offers two, unique, different transparent adhesive dressing systems (standard and HP), giving the clinician a choice for patients with sensitive skin or a need for increased holding power in the presence of moisture. Enables clinicians to monitor pressure ulcers, skin tears and other moderately exuding wounds without changing the dressing. 3M Tegaderm Absorbent Clear Acrylic Dressing has advanced 3M technology where wound exudate moves through perforations in the bottom layer of Tegaderm Transparent Film, which is coated with a moist-skin adhesive. Through the process of diffusion, wound exudate is absorbed into the patented, clear, acrylic polymer pad. Moisture vapor is released through the top, breathable, waterproof layer of Tegaderm Film, which also provides a barrier to outside contaminants. Easy to center on the wound and apply. Gentle removal from the skin. Promotes autolytic debridement while allowing visualization. Barrier to outside contaminants such as fluid, bacteria and viruses.(1) Low potential for skin maceration. Thin profile, conformable. Low friction surface. Washable. Hypoallergenic and latex-free. Benefits: * Easy monitoring of the wound, exudates and periwound skin * May eliminate unnecessary dressing changes * Barrier to outside contaminants such as fluid, bacteria and viruses(1) * Eliminates hydrocolloid-related odor * No dressing breakdown in the wound * Easy to center to the wound and apply * Gentle removal from skin * Hypoallergenic and latex-free Suggested Applications: * Pressure ulcers * Skin tears * Abrasions and superficial wounds * Donor sites * Superficial partial thickness burns * Secondary (cover) dressing over wound fillers * Clean approximated surgical incisions * Laparoscopic surgical sites
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