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Since Christmas holidays has passed away - as

by:Top-In     2020-05-30
The best place where we can find these kind of gifts are the stores specialized in costumes or the wide toys stores even if the key for originality lays without a doubt in the personalization and therefore the home-made accessories or the objects created at school by the children themselves, with the help of teachers or even the ones that we can create by ourselves at home are always the best. Even in the gadget stores you can find some interesting idea for presents. First of all the most popular small children dress-up for this year are- as usual- connected to the world of nature: rabbits, ladybugs or penguins, that children love after the animation film Madagascar. On the other hand for young ladies the costumes will be chosen among Minnie, Hello Kitty butterfly-dress, Trilli, Cinderella or Rapunzel, while for young boys surely the costumes of Francesco-from Cars2, Wood and Buzz from Toy Story, Ben 10, Spiderman or Jack Sparrow, will be sold like hot cakes. The present which is always appropriate for young ladies who dress up as princess is certainly the wand, the crown or the bushy wig, while for boy guns, spray, paper streamer, coriander and all the stuff necessary to party with friends will be fine. You must be careful when buying special kind of spray, like serpentine spray, spray streamer or snow spray: especially if bought in ambulant stands or in low costs shops, you may take a chance on buying products which contain toxic or skin- sensitive substances, or can strain. For older guys that despite their age, do want to celebrate carnival, pens are a good idea; still successful are the explosive-pens which, just when removing the top, cause a small explosion and a big noise; an original gift can be also the laser-pen that suits to young boys who wants to play a joke on somebody in the office or at school. The ballpoint pen hides a black laser sights (innocuous respect to the red one- bad for the eyes) and despite this can be used as a normal pen as it contains ink. For the parents who wants to give their children an unforgivable 2012 Carnival, this year the party in Venice will begin Saturday 4th of February in Saint Mark Square, where from 6 pm there will be dancing masks and the traditional dances and celebrations will continue until the 21st of February. Article written by Serena Rigato
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